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Your favorite bands have come back from the dead at the Northside Tavern for Eat Your Heart Out, a two-day Halloween concert featuring cover acts from some of Cincinnati’s coolest musicians. The list included 10 bands split between October 28-29, 2022.

Hosted by local announcer and musician Adam Stone, this marked the fourth year he has organized a Halloween show at the venue. The majority of the bands consisted of musicians who don’t perform together regularly – a mix-and-match of a variety of groups.

Scroll through the photos to see costumed fans and bands, with each night’s lineup below.

Performance on Oct. 28:

  • Are you Afraid of the Cure {The Cure} / Featuring members of Future Bummer, Keri Winter, Young Heirlooms, Andy, Coast Off, The Mighty, Doctor Bionic
  • Creedence Clearwater Chronicle {CCR} / fmo Mad Anthony
  • Dead Disco {Metric} / fmo Appaloosa, carrier
  • Candy Darling {The Velvet Underground} / fmo Fairmount Girls, Darlene, Molly Hatchet, The High and Low, The Parias, The Dummy Ups
  • O-wasted {Oasis} / fmo Surf dreams, shuteye, kickaways, shadowraptr

Performance on Oct. 29:

  • Dome {Devo makes Helm} / fmo Siren Suit, Old City, The Future Strikes
  • The Hi How Are Yous {Daniel Johnston} / fmo Homemade Drugs, Sorry Eric, Nanny, Sandcrawler, Bug Licker
  • Portisdead {Portishead} / fmo Rae Fisher, Strobobean, Leggy, Dream Tiger
  • Zom Petty {Tom Petty} / fmo Hallo Sapien, Toon Town, Slow Glows, Sharp Toys, Dune Buggy, Lemon Sky, Magnolia Mountain, Bulletville, Quotah, You You’re Awesome
  • Tragic Kingdom {No Doubt} / fmo MADQUEEN, Heavy Hinges, Mynah Tones, Jess Lamb and the Factory, Mt. Echo, Floyd and the Walkmen, Danbient

Photos by Brent Stroud.

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