Why personal branding is more important than ever for the C-Suite

If there was ever a time for C-level executives to focus on building their personal reputation and digital presence, it would be now. At a time of unpredictability where consumers turn to authentic and inspiring companies they can trust, having a strong employee and corporate brand is critical. Your digital reputation can create or destroy a sale, investment, connection, or job change. It can determine your future. While you don’t have to strive to become the next Oprah, having a strong personal brand can have a variety of benefits.

1) It builds credibility.

A trusted brand proves to consumers and investors that your company is reliable and relatable. Given that more than 75 percent of social media discussions are about consumers looking for recommendations, information, and advice, Mention says, just sharing your accomplishments, strengths, and industry knowledge can win a large following. It’s an easy way to become a resource for others – a reliable thought leader. It proves that you don’t just know what you’re talking about – you live it. In return, you instill trust in both your internal team and the larger global brand. People will reach out to you with ideas and what’s next – and by extension, your company too. Building a must-follow brand increases your visibility and ultimately drives admiration and connection with like-minded consumers. As a leader, your credibility in terms of issues, clear communication and visible trust are synonymous with success.

2) It strengthens your network.

As you build a not-to-be-missed LinkedIn profile and improve your Instagram content, you will be constantly gaining followers. By making connections with your ever-growing audience, you can consciously maintain professional relationships. Over time, you will have a large pool of dedicated fans who have invested in your success.

3) It gives you better job stability and customer loyalty.

When your own brand becomes invaluable, you will be seen as an integral part of your business and your customers. Your professional value increases exponentially, so you can take on exciting roles and opportunities. And who wouldn’t want to be searched for a possible job instead of laboriously searching for it? If your knowledge and experience are kept under wraps, the chances of this happening are slim. A strong personal image increases your chances of being discovered, hired and sought after. Likewise, if you have a strong digital presence, your company is likely to attract potential employees (according to a study by LinkedIn and the Altimeter Group, companies with socially engaged employees were 58 percent more likely to attract talent). In other words, it will improve job security and growth in every way.

4) It increases sales.

People buy brands and invest in people instead of just buying products. Keep in mind that 82 percent of buyers are more likely to trust a company when the C-Suite is on social media, said Lee Odden of TopRank Online Marketing in War of Words: Myth-Busting Social Media, SEO & Content Marketing”. . ”Odden also says that when a CEO uses social media, a whopping 77 percent of shoppers are more likely to make a purchase. For example, a buyer considering buying a Tesla might or might not buy it based solely on their impressions of Elon Musk. That is the power behind a personal brand. A well implemented image that promotes credibility can directly increase the credibility of the entire company. Skeptics and investors invest in brands they trust.

By building and growing your personal brand, you can build an admirable reputation, the trust of colleagues and customers, and a more robust network. Your company will be perceived as trustworthy and authentic, which ultimately increases sales. All of this – with a small digital input. What is there to lose?

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