TikToker sparks debate with ‘satanic’ birthday party for one-year-olds

A TikToker threw a “satanic” birthday party for their one-year-old daughter, sparking debate on the social media app.

A mother has left divided viewers with a TikTok video from her toddler’s spooky birthday party, which included black decorations, a pentagram cake and photos of goats associated with the devil.

“Rumor says I had the best outfit for my first birthday,” reads the caption above the video, as Adele’s song “Rumors” begins to play. When it switches to Måneskin’s rock hit “Beggin,” the video features a slideshow of images from the spooky party.

One photo shows the boy dressed in black posing next to a star used for satanic sacrifices and a piñata resembling Baphomet. Another shows her digging into a cake topped with an icing pentagram.

The TikToker also shared a photo of the birthday invitation, which her daughter Lilith describes as “cute as hell,” before welcoming guests to the party.

The video went viral with over 2.3 million views and people had a lot to say about the controversial celebration.

A one-year-old’s ‘satanic’ birthday party sparks debate on TikTok

Some users left supportive comments under the mother video.

“Okay, I love this and I would have gone with my pagans! Happy Birthday Lilith!” one user commented. “Wish my birthday was like this,” added another.

“Your birthday party is beautiful, looks like you enjoyed it very much,” wrote a third user.

However, many criticized the mother for throwing a Satan-themed party for her toddler.

“I don’t think it’s party or color for a little girl. I really don’t know what was going through the mother’s mind,” commented one user. “This wasn’t a birthday party, this was a sacrifice,” shared a second user.

“I can’t believe this mom threw a hell of a party for her baby,” added another.

The overwhelming amount of negative comments the TikToker received prompted her to publicly defend herself and her family.

“I see there are many news sites that expose my daughter’s party with lies,” she told CEN.

She continued: “1. We are not satanists. 2. There were guests. 3. There was nothing satanic about the party. 4. The piñata is neither Satan nor the devil, it’s Baphomet. 5. The pentagram is not inverted because it is not satanic.”

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