This indie rocker lent his voice to sing “That One Night” on “The Dinner Party”

The office Fans know Jan Levinson’s (Melora Hardin) former assistant Hunter (Nicholas D’Agosto) as the singer of “That One Night”. Many may not know that D’Agosto isn’t the one singing the song from “The Dinner Party” – it’s an indie rock star. Find out who is singing one of the most famous songs of The office.

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The ‘The Office’ episode ‘The Dinner Party’ contains the song ‘That One Night’

Fans hear about Hunter’s passion for music for the first time on “The Job”. When Jan is released, she says to Hunter: “Good luck with your band. Don’t let them change you. “

Hunter’s music reappears in the season four episode – one of the most popular and worthy of the entire series. In “The Dinner Party” Michael Scott (Steve Carell) and Jan Levinson host some of the Dunder Mifflin employees in Michael’s apartment. Of course, Jan decides to prepare an osso bucco that has to stew for three hours.

Throughout the night Jim Halpert (John Krasinski), Pam Beesly (Jenna Fischer) and the rest of the guests are left in the most uncomfortable situations. First Michael tries to poach his employees to become investors in Jan’s candle company Serenity by Jan. He later has an outbreak about his multiple vasectomies. “The Dinner Party” reaches a climax when Jan meets Michael’s flat-screen TV with a Dundee.

But for many, the most memorable part of the episode is Jan’s dance to “That One Night” – a song sung by a talented rock musician.

New Pornographers singer Todd Fancey appears on the episode ‘The Office’

The office The authors Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky wrote the lyrics for “That One Night”. But the music and voice heard on the episode is Todd Fancey of Vancouver-based indie rock band The New Pornographers. Fancey is also the bass player for Limblifter.

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“I got a call from my friend, Alicen Schneider, who was NBC’s vice president of Music Creative Services,” Fancey told Floor 8. “It was very quick. I wrote it on acoustic guitar [and] my instruction was’ Make it sound amateurish in some way. He’s a struggling musician. ‘”

‘That One Night’ is about Jan taking Hunters virginity

Fans of The office know “That One Night” by heart – at least the part of the song that can be heard in “The Dinner Party”. There is a full version of the song that fans can listen to online, with lyrics that emphasize what the song is really about.

You took my hand
Made me a man
That one night
You did everything well
So raw, so right, all night, it’s okay
Oh yeah

Like a good wine that has reached its time
You have aged to perfection
And I was ready to eat
I needed your candy, yeah
That one night
You did everything well “

Eisenberg and Stupnitsky have confirmed to OfficeTally that the song is “about Jan”. But the peculiarities of the song are open to interpretation. For most fans, “That One Night” Hunter symbolizes that he is losing his virginity to his former boss.

The office has been off-air since 2013, but the love for “That One Night” remains. Some fans hope that Hardin will perform on Hunter’s song during their stay Dance with the stars Season 30.

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