Take a journey in an adventure vehicle without buying one

Based in Seattle, Route Line is a membership service that offers access to premium trailers, RVs, and pickup trucks. #k5evening

SEATTLE – A new Seattle-based company is helping campers enjoy the great outdoors in comfort without investing in their own RV.

Route Line is a premium adventure vehicle membership service. After paying an initiation fee and a monthly membership, members have access to a range of options from truck campers to Mercedes Sprinters.

According to CEO Johannes Ariens, it is the first company of its kind in the adventure vehicle world.

“I grew up in Mason County on the Olympic Peninsula and just grew up outside,” he said, protecting (it.)”

Route Line approaches this mission in two ways. First, by giving members access to vehicles they might not otherwise be able to afford or maintain.

“The retail price for a similar van like this (Mercedes Sprinter) is usually around $250,000,” he said. “Most people don’t go out to buy Lambos.”

Storage is also an issue for many Seattle residents, as parking is limited in the city. Route Line offers the opportunity to experience premium vehicles without the burden of ownership.

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Route Line is also trying to achieve an environmental goal: to offer a sustainable alternative to buying RVs that are often left unused. Ariens says that statistically, the majority of owners only use them about 5% of the year.

“There’s a thing called ‘solder rot,’ and they literally rot, if you don’t use them, because you don’t take care of them, they sit there and rot,” he said. “These things are only for one thing, and that’s to get people outside. And in doing so, this industry destroys the outside.”

Kenny Matthews took his wife and two young daughters on a trip to the Olympic Peninsula in a Route Line truck camper.

“We sat outside by the fire and heard the two girls inside giggling because they slept right next to each other,” he said. “It was very nice not having to clean up a wet tent in the fog this morning.”

Ariens hopes its fleet will help create more road trips and a new way of thinking about sustainability.

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“We used reusable cups in the ’90s, and my mom carried a spoon in her purse. And for us, those were just things that you did,” he told Culture, but we have to keep doing that.”

Route Line pricing varies based on whether customers want towable, truck and tow, or all vehicle options, and what days of the week they want access. The company is currently based in Seattle, but there are plans to expand into new cities and markets.


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