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Lake Havasu City Council will consider changes to the standards and requirements for special events in the city that are officially reported to streamline and clarify the process for event organizers.

Councilors will discuss several proposed changes to Chapter 8 and Chapter 9 of the City Code, many of the changes affecting or clarifying the application process for special events itself. One of the proposed additions to the Code expressly sets out the admission criteria by which all applications for special events will be assessed and the reasons for which such an application would be rejected or withdrawn. It also extends the period within which an organizer can appeal a decision from five days to 10 days.

“Our goal is to put in place a streamlined process to ensure that the Lake Havasu events are successful, that it is easy for the organizers and promoters, and that it is a safe and enjoyable experience for attendees,” said Lake Havasu City Manager Jess Knudson. “We had an application for several different things, whether you want a film in Havasu or a special event, whether it is a small event or a large event, we need the same application. In some cases it didn’t make sense, so let’s try to make it a little easier and more user-friendly. “

Other proposed amendments to the regulation would bring the application deadline for a special event from 30 days before the start of the event to 60 days.

“We will work with the organizers as best we can, but we prefer to start this process as early as possible, especially at large events,” said Knudson. “Some of our larger events require police services, fire departments, road closures, public works, and notices to various business owners … For these types of events, we ask that you start the process well in advance so that we can make it a successful event for everyone.”

Knudson said another proposed change would require the organizer to put together a trash plan to ensure the event area is cleaned up afterwards.

The council will consider an application from Built Well Construction to rededicate lots 360, 370 and 380 on N. Lake Havasu Avenue. As a result of the rededication, the property would be returned to the original multi-family residential development that existed before the planned development was approved in 2008. The three plots are surrounded on three sides by multi-family zoning, on the other side are single-family plots.

Councilors will also consider entering into a development agreement with SSD Clarke Developments for The Enclaves neighborhood, which is part of the larger Havasu Foothills phase two housing development. The enclaves are planned as a gated community with private roads and private sewage infrastructure, but will be connected to the Lake Havasu City sewer system and also supplied with water from the city. The development contract stipulates that the canal infrastructure and private roads are privately owned and maintained.

As part of the approval agenda, the council will also consider approving the final plan for Desert Kearsage Condos. The proposed six unit condominium subdivision would be built at 3430 Kearsage Drive.

The city council will also hold two public hearings on two separate but related road rights building ordinances.

One of the ordinances would add new sections to Chapter 11 of the City Code that set out all requirements and expectations before, during and after any construction in a public right of way. City officials said the new ordinance was drafted after there had been some confusion recently about the city’s requirements for such construction, and was an attempt to make the requirements more organized and clearer for staff to use City, utilities, and contractors all know the expectations. The council voted 6-0 in favor of the changes to Chapter 11 when the ordinance was introduced during the first meeting in September after asking staff to add a requirement that such work be done by someone with a valid Arizona Contractors license .

In a separate public hearing, the Council will consider removing several sections in Chapter 9 that would be redundant if the changes to Chapter 11 are approved. The Council supported this Regulation 5-1 when it was introduced earlier this month, with Councilor Nancy Campbell casting the dissenting vote.

The city council meeting is scheduled for 6 p.m. in the council chambers located in the Police Facility at 2360 N. McCulloch Blvd. The meeting will be open to the public to attend in person and it will also be broadcast live on Channel 4 or can be streamed online at lhcaz.gov/tv. Public comments can be made in person during the call to the public or during one of the scheduled public hearings. Written comments can be emailed to [email protected] at least one hour before the start of the meeting.

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