Sony’s purchase of Bungie is now complete

Bungie said, “We remain in control of our destiny. We will continue to publish and creatively develop our games independently.”

Sony Interactive Entertainment announced today that it has completed the acquisition of Destiny maker Bungie.

The merger deal was originally announced in January for the $3.6 billion purchase price.

Bungie released a statement today giving more details as it is a subsidiary of Sony.

“We hold our destiny in our hands. We will continue to independently release and creatively develop our games,” the studio said.

“We will continue to drive a unified Bungie community. Our games will continue to be where our community is, wherever they choose to play.”

In addition to closing Bungie’s deal this week, Haven Studios, led by Jade Raymond, became part of PlayStation.

Speak with The industry veteran explained that the new studio will also offer a live service experience for Sony.

“We’re making a PS5 exclusive, and it’s a live service game, so we have additional challenges in how we’re making this type of game with this type of delivery, but with the PlayStation-level graphics that people are looking at Expect.” Raymond said.

“And all while accommodating those constant updates and creating something that could be a living experience.”

The deals with Bungie and Haven follow Sony’s intentions to launch more live service games in the future.

In February, the PlayStation maker announced that it plans to release 10 online titles by 2026 – saying developers will be collaborating with Bungie.

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