See the future of Sin City in AREA15 and the Elia Beach Club

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AREA15 and Elia Beach Club are two of the newest venues in Las Vegas, but both offer fresh and exciting experiences.

Las Vegas is a city that over the years has become known for its unique entertainment. From larger-than-life stage productions and comedy shows in smaller locations to extravagant nightlife and festivals such as EDC and Life Is Beautiful, there is something for everyone in the desert oasis. While the pandemic rocked Sin City’s path, it slowly but surely recovered with refreshing new experiences like AREA15 and Elia Beach Club.

Looking for a break from San Diego, I made a quick detour to Las Vegas to discover new scenery – and I’ve kept my eye on these two venues for months. See that Gorgon City and TroyBoi If we were to take the stage on September 16-18, it was a quick decision to drive through the Mojave Desert at the last minute.

After I had settled in at my hotel, which was a smooth process thanks to the virtual check-in, I quickly set off on my way AREA15 long before Gorgon City was supposed to take the stage. Why? Because in addition to the appearance of the renowned duo that evening, there was a lot more on the program. This huge venue offers a range of unique experiences for those who step in to check out from bars and restaurants to immersive art exhibits and activities. In all honesty, you could spend several evenings there and always find something fresh to do.

Our first stop was that Emporium arcade bar to have a drink and play pinball and they had a great variety of craft beer to try. Although the audience was bright there, I didn’t mind, but it gave us a free hand on every machine we wanted to play, and it was a Thursday after all. From there, we decided to check out some art exhibitions to twist our minds a bit Wink world. This “Portal To The Infinite” was created by the co-founder of the Blue Man Group and CCO. created Chris Wink and was an absolute pleasure to explore. Each infinity mirror room showed a dynamic mix of light, colors and sounds and told a story as we walked through the exhibition.

AREA15 Las Vegas Omega Mart
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As we got off, we found it was time for us to check-in at Omega Mart.

this Meow Wolf The installation is one of the most intense experiences I’ve ever had and probably will be for you too. Look in from the outside Omega Mart shows only part of what those who take a trip to this futuristic grocery store can actually expect as there are a number of twists and turns and surprises around every corner. Much like the AREA15 is a place to visit again and again, the Omega Mart alone has so much in its doors that it will take you a trip or two or ten to really get a full idea of ​​what is going on.

Unfortunately, our time at Omega Mart was limited as we didn’t want to miss out on much of the music that started out at A-Lot.

We took a quick detour to the bag inspection, grabbed a few take-away presents, and queued to pick up our dose of electronic music for the evening. When I walked into A-Lot, the first thing I thought to myself was how impressive the size of the venue was. AREA15 was already a huge space, but the venue added even more to that footprint and there is even more room for expansion. While there were plenty of drinks and lots of merchandising stands to check out, what was missing was the food. It would have been nice to have a slice of pizza or a bite from a local food truck so hopefully future shows will have that available.

The opening of the night was Woodrowe who played a range of tunes, from dance music classics to muscular rock and hip hop hits full of energy. Then, FREAK ON took the stage and delivered an impressive set that got everyone in the crowd to dance with him. It was the perfect performance to inspire everyone Gorgon City taking the stage and as soon as they did the mood of the crowd was insane.

While Gorgon City would be playing a live set at Life Is Beautiful later that weekend, the DJ set that night was just great. They all played their hits to the delight of the shufflers and flow artists in the audience and filled everyone with much-needed positive energy. I could have kept dancing when their set ended at 3 a.m. If you get the chance to catch them on the Olympia Tour, don’t miss out.

AREA15 Las Vegas Gorgon City
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After taking some time to relax on Friday and visiting some friends, Saturday was all about exploring the Elia Beach Club.

Elia Beach Club is the daytime venue at the redesigned Virgin Hotel, and it’s not just your everyday, average pool, either. Unlike other pools on the Strip which are pretty basic and don’t offer much immersion, this one takes it to the next level with its tropical setting.

Security was smooth if you followed the rules, which means you shouldn’t take your vape into this day club, and we even got some free drinks on the way into the house (so make sure you make friends local organizer). When we got there just after noon we didn’t have much time to eat, but luckily the Elia Beach Club had provided us with some yummy offerings while we sipped our slushies and waited for the main show to start.

TroyBoi at Elia Beach Club September 18, 2021
Photo credit: Elia Beach Club

Last weekends at Elia Beach Club had performed by artists like Lane 8, Sultan + Shepard, deadmau5 and Sofi Tukker, and it was time for TroyBoi to play and bring the bass.

From the moment he took over the decks TroyBoi masters the crowd. He set the mood for everyone who soak up some sun while dancing and splashing around in the pool to cool off – it was the perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon escaping reality a little before heading home on Sunday.

With artists like Above & Beyond and deadmau5 as well as the Dreamstate Pool Party taking place at this location during EDC Week, the Elia Beach Club is clearly on the move. When planning your next trip to Sin City make sure they are on your list anytime you want to experience something new. Check out their upcoming shows through their website!

Where do you go when you go to Las Vegas to get away from it all? Let us know in the comments!

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