Samsung and LG Electronics will travel to Las Vegas to attend CES 2022

06/16/2021 6:05 PM IS

Seoul [South Korea]June 16 (ANI / Global Economic): Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics will be attending the CES 2022 offline event, which will take place in Las Vegas early next year. Two companies have already participated online this year due to COVID-19 but will have their own booths next year to showcase their latest technologies.
Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics announced on January 16 that they would be attending CES 2022 from January 5-8 next year. Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics will participate in the offline event of the CES since 2019 after 2 years.
The event’s organizer, the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) in the US, recently posted a message on its website that said, “CES will be back in Las Vegas next year,” hinting at the offline event. “About 1,000 companies have promised to showcase their innovative technologies at CES next year,” said CTA. “Other companies want to continue to participate.”

Apart from these two companies, Hyundai Motor has confirmed its stake in Korean companies. Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics plan to showcase various new technologies in Las Vegas next year, including TV, new home appliances, artificial intelligence (AI) and robots.
Global companies such as Amazon, AMD, AT&T, Google, Qualcomm, IBM, Intel, Lenovo, Panasonic, Sony and Daimler AG have also announced their participation in this event.
The industry expects Samsung Electronics to showcase its next generation QD TVs at CES 2022. Samsung previously showed the Micro-LED and Neo-QLED TVs at the previous event this year. Samsung Display, which makes QD panels, plans to introduce prototyping panels to customers this month and will begin producing panels in the 4th quarter (October-December) of this year. (ANI / world economy)

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