Ryan Tubridy reveals his ‘unusual’ party trick to get the crowd going

Late Late Show host Ryan Tubridy has revealed his party trick that will get the crowd going at any event.

Ryan spoke to vocal coach Michelle O’Rourke about the Cork event Sing Your Failures. Taking place this weekend at Fitzgerald Park, Michelle will help people gain a singing experience that embraces imperfection in a fun way.

After much pressure from his audience, Ryan revealed at the end of his RTE Radio One show which songs he sings when it’s time to bring some life to the party.

Late Late Show host Ryan Tubridy has revealed his party trick that will get the crowd going at any event. Photo: RTE.

“Look, it’s unusual, it’s Frank Sinatra. I’m a Sinatra guy, it’s “I Got You Under My Skin”…the karaoke is Sinatra too, it’s “That’s Life”. It has a little bit more confidence because people can get involved…you can really go with it.

“I like it when he growls, talks and sings at the same time. It’s kinda nice. “Moon River” is in there, “Fly Me To The Moon” is in there somewhere. As you can see, there’s a bit of an issue, but it’s all late at night after hours,’ he said.

Although he loves to sing, Ryan admitted that he feels like “Shallow Hal on the voice” when he hears videos of himself singing played to him. Despite asking people to turn off the videos, Ryan still participates in a sing-along or two.

Ryan Tubridy
Ryan Tubridy is a Sinatra fanatic, judging by the tunes he belts out at karaoke. Photo: RTE.

He explained: “I’m going to sing like a madman in my car. I love music and I will harmonize and I will do anything. When I’m out with some close friends, when we’re eating “bags of cans” and the guitar comes out, I don’t go near a song. They can sing and they sing beautiful music that we associate with our friendships, it’s beautiful.

“There is a particular denim injustice in Connemara that I go to. It’s called Abbey Glenn. Brian is at the piano and everyone stands up. People you wouldn’t expect to get up, get up, and people you wouldn’t expect to get up, get up. Inevitably he’ll say ‘get up and sing your song’ and I do, but I try to get that far away from the piano then because, oddly enough, as I said, I don’t have the same confidence, I’d rather tell a story.’

Michelle, who believes that “anyone can sing,” said Ryan the key to gaining confidence in singing is to sing songs that relate to your life and not compare yourself to the stars.

Ryan Tubridy
A vocal coach gave Ryan advice on how to gain confidence behind the mic. Photo: Getty.

“Maybe you need to pick a different song and pick a song that you think tells a story that you want to tell. Maybe you have to pick a song that you identify with and that is emotional to you, then it might feel different. That’s one thing I do a lot in the classroom, we pick a song together and I say “Tell me four songs you like,” then you pick a song that has some sympathy with them so they get as much juice as possible can get.

“Then their voices open up because it’s story and emotional for them. It’s connected for her. We are so excited to bring this work to people this weekend to have a positive signing experience because I think they are few and far between and we are so intrigued by the genuine singing experience.

“What we are used to are voices on the radio, I like hearing that. I know the pop production that’s in it… it’s a produced voice… We have this idea that when we start singing, that’s what our voice should sound like, it’s not. We just need to do a little work and allow for more group singing,” she said.

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