Red lights, red shirts show support for the injured Carthage soccer player

CARTHAGE, New York (WWNY) – It was a sea of ​​red lights and a sea of ​​red shirts – a wave of support in Carthage Park for Tyler Christman.

“We’re here just to show our support,” said Carthage junior Aiden Maccue. “Like just letting him know we have your back.”

Tyler was seriously injured in a JV soccer game last Saturday. On Monday, first responders from all over the north of the country lit the night sky in Carthage red.

Event organizer Chris Champagne says it all came together in just a few hours.

“It’s amazing, it’s surprising,” he said, “and a miracle that we can show so much support in such a short time.”

A sea of ​​red shirts on Monday night showed support for Tyler Christman, a Carthage JV soccer player who sustained a head injury in a weekend game.(WWNY)

Carthage Fire Chief Brian Draper and his team were among the departments that stood up for Tyler.

“My heart goes out to the whole family,” said Draper. “Also the entire JV soccer team, the school, the teachers. There are so many people involved. If there is anything we can do, we are here. “

Carthage’s soccer players gathered to comfort one another and a prayer ended the night.

A sea of ​​support for Tyler and his family.

“No matter what, we can all come together and show that support, no matter what we are all going through or how we are feeling,” said Champagne. “And let people know that they are not alone and can rely on each other.”

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