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Photo by Isaiah Stevens

Lil Tecca performs at The Ritz on May 21, 2022 in Ybor City, Florida.

After 33 shows across the United States, Lil Tecca landed at The Ritz in Ybor City on Saturday night for the finale of his “Tecca Loves You” tour.

On his first headlining tour, the 19-year-old rap sensation made it clear that he misses his fans as much as they miss him. After the pandemic robbed many artists of most live music events in 2020 and 2021, Lil Tecca was back with more energy than ever. Along with him, Tecca brought up-and-coming artists Baby Santana and Bktherula to open the stage and ignite the ensuing madness.

Lil Tecca’s performance began as the lights went out and the crowd chanted, “We want Tecca!” In a sea of ​​cellphone lights, Lil Tecca ran onto the stage with incredible energy and began “Lot of Me.” After “Did It Again” and “DIVA,” Tecca had made it clear that the crowd was in for a great show, and in return, the crowd was ecstatic as they bullied around, seemingly knowing every word.


As Tecca continued with songs like “Choppa Shoot The Loudest” and “Fallin,” the series of light beams and precise use of CO2 cannons gave the show a Rolling Loud-like feel. Concluding with “Repeat It” and Tecca’s most notorious album “Ransom”, Tecca gave everything for his final performance on the tour.

As he fell to his knees in a circle of light, he thanked his fans for their continued support and, in true tour fashion, exclaimed, “Thanks everyone, this is the last show of the tour…I’m going home,” and did didn’t return for an encore, though the crowd chanted “One more song.”

Earlier in the evening, Bktherula turned the crowd from dormant to excited in seconds with hits like “LEFT RIGHT” and “Santanny.” After her set, she graciously met the fans in front of the stage. Next, Baby Santana slowed Piggy Bk’s amazing start with hits like “14” and “Patricia.” At the end of his set, Santana fell to his knees in praise while tears welled in his eyes, thanking the crowd and his fans for their support. Both Bk and Santana did an immaculate job engaging with the crowd, approaching, shaking hands and allowing some lucky fans time to rap at the mic.

Not to be missed was the Ritz Ybor with clear sound and attentive security staff dispensing water to dehydrated fans and keeping the event safe.

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