Rallies in support of Ukraine continue outside the Wisconsin State Capitol

MADISON, Wisconsin — The protest against the war in Ukraine continued Sunday at the Wisconsin State Capitol, but event organizers said their message differed from that of the president and local lawmakers.

Dozens of protesters joined in solidarity with working-class citizens of Ukraine, demanding resources for their people and non-violent action.

There have been other rallies in Ukraine over the past week, but they have essentially stuck to the portrayal of this conflict in the United States as between the good democratic government and the tyrannical regime of Kyiv in Russia,” said the organizer of the event, David T

Bringing together multiple activist groups to fight against imperialism and the progression of violence and war, speakers’ arguments at the rally were consistently frustrating about the hypocrisy of US and NATO intervention.

“They are also involved in bombing and killing people around the world,” protester Kim Gasper-Rabusk said.

Organizers hope the rally will help encourage a rethink among people who believe sanctions and gun shipments are the only solution.

“I think we really need to demand that if we ask our government to do anything, it should flood Ukraine and Poland with food,” Gasper-Rabusk said.

Echoing the opinion of speakers throughout the event, many say that the measures taken by Western countries will only lead to more violence.

“We’re really out here because we agree that we can’t intervene in Ukraine without hurting more Ukrainian citizens,” David said.

The protesters also called on the United States to open its borders to Ukrainian refugees, saying aid is more useful than guns.

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