Q&A: What Brad Miller learned from DWT during his 20-year hiatus from Big Law


(Reuters) – Veteran studio attorney and executive Brad Miller is back at Davis Wright Tremaine after a 20-year hiatus.

The last time Miller was at Davis Wright, Amazon had barely expanded beyond online book sales, much less into the movie and television business. During his four years at Amazon Studios, he oversaw the legal affairs of production for more than 300 Amazon Original films and TV shows, the company said.

Previously, he was General Counsel and Senior Operations Executive at High Noon Entertainment, founded his own boutique law firm, Doyle & Miller, where he practiced for more than seven years, and served as Legal Affairs Director for Warner Bros. Television.

While in his boutique, Miller worked with clients such as the Comcast Entertainment Group and the Walt Disney Company and, according to his new company, played a key role in AMC’s launch of the blockbuster The Walking Dead.

Reuters spoke to Miller about his return to Big Law and what he wants to bring to Davis Wright Tremaine, who has long been a customer of Amazon. The conversion was edited for reasons of clarity and length.

REUTERS: Why did you want to return to a law firm and especially to the DWT?

MILLER: What I like most about my legal profession is advising clients. Now that I have new skills, I’m really looking forward to leveraging that in-house experience in both the streaming business and independent producers. As for the DWT specifically, I have deep relationships there after starting my career in the entertainment industry in 1998. Their extensive media experience and associated reputation in the entertainment industry – it’s an easy sale to get new customers. They grew a lot in California, so this really makes sense.

REUTERS: Why not take the boutique route again?

MÃœLLER: [It’s] the customer base that DWT has, but also the resources to cope with a considerable volume of work. Being in a small boutique like I was for seven years is great, but there are also limitations on the teams we can put together. I think a bigger platform like DWT makes a lot more sense at this point in my career.

REUTERS: What specific experiences from your internal and private practice will flow into the new practice that you are building up?

MILLER: When moving from job to job, my goal was always to acquire new skills and then combine them, so I did legal and business matters, I was also a GC. I’ve done development, production and sales, worked for production companies, studios and exhibition services like Amazon. I’ve done television and film, and on television, both with and without a script. I think, specifically when it comes to the tech space, I think there is a unique way tech companies look at risk and mitigation, and that’s something I can add value to both traditional media customers and tech companies as well.

REUTERS: Your biography emphasizes transactions. Will your practice at DWT go beyond that?

MILLER: I see my practice as in four different buckets. So there is negotiating transactions that you referred to, and then there is some legal compliance when we start production which spans a number of disciplines. There’s a part of the content review that I did and that DWT is very well known for, and then I also do a lot of pre-trial advice and have been involved in litigation.

REUTERS: Are you in talks to discuss certain customers that you can discuss?

MILLER: I can’t talk about specific customers, but I think about the potential in two ways. First, there are customers I have represented in the past and with whom I hope to get in touch again. And then DWT already has a number of tech companies that may represent them in other areas that are now getting into the production of content that will have these kinds of needs, and we at DWT already have significant film and television practice. I hope that I can expand and develop that further. We’ve had a few inquiries over the past few days so I’m pretty hopeful.

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