Providence Film Group, a subsidiary of Valiant Eagle, Inc. (OTC: PSRU), signs groundbreaking film development agreement with New Republic Pictures and renowned American film producer Brian Oliver

LOS ANGELES, November 4, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Valiant Eagle, Inc. (OTC: PSRU) is proud to announce that it has signed a groundbreaking film development agreement with legendary New Republic Pictures and its founder, the renowned film producer. Brian Oliver.

The company and Brian Oliver aim to produce and share profits from feature films and television programs, including festival screenings in well-known locations such as Cannes, Berlin, Toronto, Venice, and more.

The first joint development project will include a remake of the 1978 war and action classic “The Wild Geese”. Valiant Eagle will serve as executive producer and co-funder of the remake. The script was written by an Oscar-winning writer. William Monahan (“The departed”).

Inspired by true events, “The Wild Geese” follows a group of British mercenaries who are supposed to save a deposed African president from a corrupt dictator. The original version from 1978 showed acting heavy hitters Richard Burton, Roger Moore, and Richard Harris.

Brian Oliver and New Republic Pictures production credits include well-known films with A-list actors. Some of their main loans are:

  • “Black Swan” (Director: Darren Aronofsky, In the main role Natalie Portman, Mila Kunis)
  • “Hacksaw Ridge” (Director: Mel Gibson, In the main role Andrew Garfield, Sam Worthington, Luke Bracey)
  • “1917” (Director: Sam Mendes, In the main role Dean Charles Chapman, George MacKay, and Daniel Mays)
  • “Rocketman” (Director: Dexter Fletcher, starting Richard Madden, Taron Egerton and Bryce Dallas Howard)

Valiant Eagle will continue to provide updates on this film development agreement Brian Oliver and New Republic Pictures when certain milestones are reached. A separate press release will be published shortly by New Republic Pictures.

About Valiant Eagle Inc
Valiant Eagle, Inc. (PSRU: OTC) is a publicly traded company focused on promoting celebrity entertainment, social media, and television communications. VE aims to achieve unprecedented advancement towards media through music, sports and, for the millennial generation, technology.

In the last century in particular, technology is more than ever an important part of our lives. With benefits like speed, accuracy, unlimited information, and more, the Internet offers various ways to communicate without delays and difficulties. However, a level of consumer satisfaction has not yet been reached. Valiant Eagle, Inc. is trying to fill this void.

With the technological infrastructure, individuals, organizations, and the government have created a huge platform that enables effective communication. Therefore, Valiant Eagle, Inc. offers content on iPhone, Android phones, tablets, and computers. Traditional TV viewership will gradually decline due to the evolving media landscape. According to statistical findings, 2017 is the first year in which the use of digital video replaces that of traditional television. The replacing medium is smartphones and tablets, which give the audience a really discreet and satisfying experience while downloading or streaming videos.

The need for viewers to use online and broadcast content for entertainment has been established and is in high demand by both individuals and groups.

Valiant Eagle, Inc. continues to be the practical solution with access to dedicated tools that allow viewers to tune in to topics such as music, sports and entertainment in the most convenient and efficient way.

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the Providence film group is a Los Angeles based entertainment studio whose range of products serves the multi-billion dollar film, television and music industries. Providence Films focuses on film production, television production, home video acquisition and distribution, and the development of new entertainment options with an innovative and purposeful style.

Providence film group

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