Political Candidates Forum at Alabama Florida Football Classic

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WSFA) – Advocates are putting a twist on college football games by bringing guidelines to the field. During the first Alabama Florida Football Classic Community replant tailgatepolitical candidates have the opportunity to talk about current issues.

“The tailgate on September 24, the multimedia conference and political form on September 25,” said event organizer Peter Proctor Jr.

The Economic Empowerment Forum during the AFFC Community Reinvestment Tailgate gives candidates the opportunity to state their stance on policy actions.

“There are a number of things that are really on the table that may impact how we enter this new world,” Proctor said.

Gavin Goodman, leader of the state’s Libertarian Party, says the party plans to have as many candidates as possible.

“We love collaborating with our communities and getting out there,” Goodman said.

One of them will be gubernatorial candidate Jimmy Blake.

“Alabama is incredibly diverse, and that’s a very positive thing,” Blake said.

He says he wants to enlighten people on some of his party’s views.

“I’m going to talk about getting the government out of the way and getting rid of regulations and professional licenses and tax structures and all the things that are getting in the way of people starting new businesses and opportunities in Alabama,” Blake said.

While Blake’s party members want to attend, some Democratic candidates will also attend, but no GOP members at this time.

“I have no communication from the Republican Party,” Proctor said.

Even without full party participation, Proctor hopes voters, especially the young, will become more involved in state politics.

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