Patrick Schwarzenegger celebrates birthday with Arnold and Maria Shriver

Patrick Schwarzenegger’s birthday was a family affair.

The actor turned 29 on September 18, and just a day later he took to Instagram to reveal to his fans and followers how he spent his big day and who he was spending it with — including his father Arnold Schwarzenegger and his mother. Mary Shriver.

“Thx for the birthday wishes! 29!” wrote the Daniel Isn’t Real star alongside a carousel of party pictures. “Crazy! Time flies like in flight”

The first photo in the set shows the younger Schwarzenegger holding up a birthday dessert plate with a single candle on a strawberry. His parents lean forward and beam at his side.

In a post of her own, Shriver shared sweet feelings about her son to mark the occasion.

“Happy, happy birthday, my beloved @patrickschwarzenegger!” She wrote. “You are an amazing son and I love you so much. You are smart, kind, loving, caring, fun and funny. You make the world better and brighten up my world every day. I love hanging out with you, laughing with you, dreaming with you, working with you, being in your presence.”

She added: “What an honor it is to be your mother. May you feel the love today and every day of your life! God bless you darling. Happy birthday, dear mom.”

While Shriver, 66, and Arnold Schwarzenegger, 75, got back together for their son’s birthday, the celebration comes just nine months after the former couple’s divorce was officially finalized — a process that began a decade earlier when Shriver applied to celebrate their 25th birthday -year marriage to end in 2011.

Among the other photos featured in Patrick Schwarzenegger’s birthday post was one of him and model friend Abby Champion, who shared more photos of her own on Instagram.

“Happy Birthday Patch,” she wrote alongside a trio of recordings. “I love you so much 🤍”

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