Ohio employers are abandoning old hiring practices to attract new hires

CLEVELAND — Ohio’s workforce is still struggling to fill gaps, more than two years since the pandemic disrupted businesses. Hiring and retaining employees remains one of the biggest challenges for some local industries here at home.

Much like everything else in 2022, social media is ruling, and it’s starting to dominate job search efforts in Ohio.

“We have a number of clients who are now actually filling a majority of their rows with Facebook ads. It’s been really successful,” said Joe Mosbrook, managing partner at Acclaim Communications. “Many of these potential employees may not even have a resume ready, but still see an ad for [a] potential job. HR departments call them and literally start interviews right there without even having to go through a traditional screening process.”

Mosbrook says job demand is starting to slow, saying, “Things aren’t quite as bad as they were, say, three, four, five months ago.” However, he says, it depends on the industry.

“On the service side, people are still struggling a bit,” Mosbrook said.

We’ve been told that restaurants and entertainment just stick, and healthcare providers remain among the hardest to find.

A lot of older people who were in work during the pandemic and nearing retirement age were retiring and it opened up the market for many more people who just weren’t filling those positions,” Mosbrook explained.

The keen push for better work-life balance, childcare allowances, and flexible work-from-home options continues to push companies to adapt in unconventional ways to attract help.

“We actually have a customer who is now being given same-day payment terms. That is, you bet an eight, a ten [or] 12-hour shift and you literally get paid at the end of that day, almost in the form of a Venmo or a PayPal,” Mosbrook said.

As inflation and rising costs reflect tough times, Mosbrook says the need for more between employers and employees will continue.

“People will need more money. So they have to work more,” he explained. “Getting these good people is as competitive as any other aspect of the business.”

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