‘No Reservations’ host Anthony Bourdain had 3 simple tips for hosting the best dinner party

Anthony Bourdain, chef, writer, and eclectic cultural legend, traveled a ridiculous amount. Filming his shows got him on the streets most days of the year. He didn’t spend much time in his New York City home. However, when he did, he surrounded himself with family and friends.

One of his favorite pastimes was throwing dinner parties. Whether small or large, he enjoyed cooking for others. However, hosting isn’t always the easiest thing to do. Here are Bourdain’s top tips for hosting the best dinner party.

Anthony Bourdain always made an ingredient list

Anthony Bourdain | Paulo Fridman / Corbis

Before starting anything, it is very important to have a list of the ingredients that you will need. You’re sure to miss something in the supermarket without it. Nothing is worse than coming home to find that you’ve forgotten a key to your recipe.

If you’re using a cookbook or online recipe, write it down in your notes. It is best to take a screenshot of the list. That way, you can check them off on the go.

“Make lists of ‘what ingredients do I need for this recipe,'” Bourdain said in an interview with The Globe and Mail. “Make a coherent and comprehensive list.”

Organize everything before you start cooking

Anthony Bourdain with meat

Anthony Bourdain | Fairfax Media via Getty Images

The technical term for this is “Mise en Place”. This is a French proverb that essentially means having everything in its place. Every professional chef knows that this step is the key to a perfect meal.

It is so important that all of your ingredients are organized. This way you can avoid cutting or measuring while cooking. Nobody likes to have to stir while their steak cooks in the pan.

Go into any restaurant kitchen and you will see every single ingredient arranged in front of the chefs. Having to walk to the walk-in in the middle of a shift is the last thing a chef wants.

“Organize your things so that they are in front of you, all of your ingredients,” die No reservations Host explains. “The most advanced preparation you can under the circumstances, before your guests arrive.”

Anthony Bourdain says you should cook what you are good at

Anthony Bourdain cooks in a kitchen

Anthony Bourdain | Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

If you want to impress your guests, Bourdain recommends sticking to what you are good at. Trying new recipes is always good, but we all screw up occasionally. Trying something that you’ve never done before could ruin your whole night.

Instead, opt for something that you have made several times. This will take some stress off. Then you can fully concentrate on enjoying yourself and spending time with your guests.

“Are you telling me that eight people are coming to dinner who are friends? And who will look me in the face while I eat? I am really nervous and so am I to plan….“Said Bourdain in an interview with Eater. “I make lists and decide what works, what is the right choice, so that I actually spend time with my guests instead of sweating in the kitchen …”

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