Netflix series “League of Legends” starts on November 6th

Netflix has long been in the works League of Legends Show has a release date. The service has Confirmed that his animated series Arcane premieres on November 6 at 10 p.m. Eastern. Accordingly, a new trailer (below) prepares the stage. It highlights the origins of the sisters (and Lol Heroines) Jinx and Vi as they battle both the dangers of hextech (magic harnessed by science) and the social inequalities between the wealthy town of Piltover and the lower town of Zaun.

The series stars In the spider verse‘s Hailee Steinfeld as Vi and Army of the Deadis Ella Purnell as Jinx. Netflix and Riot also rely on the show’s distinctive hand-painted style (which Riot fans may be familiar with) to stand out from other CG productions.

It is not sure if Arcane will be successful, but Netflix has had success with game-related shows such as Castlevania – and that was for a franchise that is past its heyday. A League of Legends Series could thrive thanks to the continued popularity of the MOBA title … and hopefully its own merits too.

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