Meet the top 10 Amazon Web Services vice presidents

  • If AWS sees a billion dollar opportunity, it will assign a new VP to pursue, an insider says.
  • Insider consulted analysts and a leaked organizational chart to identify the VPs responsible for these key units.
  • Below are the top AWS VPs, according to analysts and a leaked org chart.

Amazon Web Services is already the largest and market-leading cloud provider, but for which companies does the company see its next big opportunities?

We may have a clue: An AWS Insider recently told Insider that the hiring of a new vice president for a company suggests that Amazon sees this as a potential billion dollar business or otherwise a key strategic area for the company.

Insider spoke to cloud analysts to find out what Amazon’s next billion dollar business could be and used a leaked copy of the company’s organizational chart to identify the executives responsible for them.

These opportunities include areas such as edge computing, supporting hybrid cloud and multi-cloud IT environments, expanding partnerships with companies like NetApp, low-code products, artificial intelligence and machine learning, databases and analytics, vertical Markets, Internet of Things, Processors and APIs.

Here are the top Amazon Web Services vice presidents for the cloud entity’s next billion dollar deals:

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