McPherson College Choir performs at Carnegie Hall

Performing at Carnegie Hall has been the pinnacle for musicians since it opened in 1891. This year, in March, the McPherson College Choir will have the opportunity to perform at this legendary venue alongside the Mississippi State University Choir and accompanied by the New England Symphonic Ensemble, conducted by Bradley Vogel, director of choral activities at McPherson College.

The choir will perform on Saturday March 19th at 7pm. Among the pieces the choir will perform is “Te Deum,” which they will perform again for local audiences at the Spring Concert on May 15, complete with orchestral musicians to replicate New York City’s performance. Concession tickets are available through McPherson College for those wishing to attend the Carnegie Hall concert. For ticket sales information, contact the College Alumni Office at [email protected]

The choir had originally been invited to perform in May, but the performance date was brought forward due to date adjustments. The accelerated schedule, according to Dr. Vogel presented a challenge for both rehearsals and fundraising for travel expenses.

“Preparing two 15-minute works, each with their own complexities, in just 17 rehearsals will result in us bringing out the best in organization, concentration and care,” said Dr. Bird. “I am confident that the motivation of the end result – an appearance at Carnegie Hall – will be sufficient to fulfill the requirements of the task.”

Donations to support the choir’s trip to Carnegie Hall can be made online at by selecting “choir” from the drop down menu. About half of the $40,000 needed to pay for all travel expenses was secured.

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