Mankato Elks Lodge hosts an Inclusion Bowling event

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) -At the WOW! Zone in Mankato, St. Clair sophomore hosted the annual ELKS inclusion bowling event.

Mankato Elks Lodge aims to serve at-risk youth and veterans through community events and programs, and they have been involved with the annual event for four years.

“The inclusion event is a gathering of children and adults with disabilities of all kinds. And just bring them together to enjoy bowling and camaraderie and just give them a break from what is now COVID,” said Todd Tanhoff of the Mankato Elks Lodge 225.

The event was part of St. Clair’s annual service project, which aims to provide students with the experience of organizing and running an event within the community.

“We use bowling as a medium to enable friendly competition and allow students to interact not only with people with and without disabilities, but vice versa. In this way, everyone can learn something about inclusion,” said organizer Mike Gottberg.

The organizers hoped that the event would give students the experience of working with people who are different from themselves, as well as provide an experience to a group of people for whom such opportunities are hard to find.

“We came up with the idea because we need interaction. There aren’t many options down here for people with intellectual disabilities, so we decided to host this type of event to make it accessible to those people,” Gottberg explained.

Elks Lodge estimated that over people with disabilities from the greater Mankato area attended the event.

In Mankato, Aaron Stuve, KEYC News Now.

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