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CP Photo: Kaycee Orwig

During the Three Rivers Art Festival on Saturday June 12th, festival goers will be listening to music in Point State Park.

One summer after sitting in the baby pool or stuck at home with the air conditioning on, the Pittsburgh party gets vaccinated and gradually shuffled. Bars and clubs are ready to bring people back to dance floors, stages and outside areas for DJ nights, live music and other activities. But the opportunity to go out again creates a mixture of expectations and fears for many.

As a resource for arts and entertainment Pittsburgh City Paper We understand that offering weekend deals also means giving you the confidence to leave home in the first place. Below is a list of tips to help alleviate the hot summer after the Vax.

Let’s start small
The thought of jumping into a major event with many people can lead to a panic attack. Test the waters first by meeting friends for lunch or inviting a few people over for a small gathering. COBRA Lounge (COBRA Lounge (COBRA Lounge) Bloomfield allows small groups to rent out soundproofed karaoke rooms individually from other crowds.

Agree, agree, agree
This should be the case in all situations, but it is important to remember that in the world of COVID-19 not everyone is happy with physical contact. Ask first before you hug a friend who hasn’t seen you in over a year. This also applies to handshakes, fists or other physical contact.

Don’t forget the mask
Pennsylvania regulations allow fully vaccinated residents to live without masks, but many businesses and events still pay attention to it. Don’t forget to put a mask in your pocket or pocket wherever you go. You also need to inquire in advance if you will need a mask before going out.

Bring a lozenge
You and your friends are busy and your vocal cords are no longer indifferent to the loud weekend music and the hustle and bustle of the crowd. As a result, you may wake up the next morning with hoarseness. To prevent this from happening, don’t forget to bring a handful of cough drops or throat tablets to your next meeting.

Earplugs are good too
In addition to a bad throat, your ears are used to the few nights that Bing Netflix. As a result, the bass from that first breakdown show or boom can rock the system. It is advisable to invest in a pair of earplugs to avoid ringing the next day.

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CP Photo: Jared Wickerham

June 12th (Sat) Inside out with DJ Shoe at the Carnegie Museum of Art

Throw away club clothes (if necessary)

It can be assumed that since last year your body has only known the feeling of sweatpants, yoga clothes, sneakers and baggy T-shirts. You won’t feel sick because you want to avoid the pain of wearing your heels again. Keep the clothes in these clothes in the closet. Now is the time to find a way to creatively complete your wardrobe and incorporate comfortable, yet stylish items.

At your own pace
After missing a whole year, now that you’ve lived your damn life, it makes sense that you want to make up for the lost time. Keep in mind that filling each weekend with as many activities as possible can be overkill. Don’t be surprised if you pass out on the couch after going to markets, festivals or meeting friends in the pool because you are threatened with fatigue.

Returning to the bar or party scene also includes the very real possibility of being content with potentially harmful behaviors such as drunkenness and increased recreational drug use. If you don’t want to pass out or have a hangover all summer, exercise moderately. Be sure to stop by your friends and other party attendees. Plan your exit in case you or someone else is too drunk, e.g. B. by hiring a cool driver or using carpooling or taxi services. By practicing these habits, everyone will have the greatest joy of returning home safely.

Make Pittsburgh Postbucks Summer hassle-free with these party tips | Art + entertainment | Pittsburgh

Make Pittsburgh Postbucks Summer hassle-free with these party tips | Art + entertainment | Pittsburgh


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