Löws Theater will begin the restoration phase in 2022

Loew’s Theater is undergoing a $ 72 million restoration plan, with one gated opening in 2024.


Loew’s Theater is undergoing a $ 72 million restoration plan, with one gated opening in 2024.

At the historic Loew’s Theater in Jersey City, a private wedding on October 10 would be the final event at the 92-year-old site before the much-anticipated renovation begins in 2022 to transform it into a new 3,330-seat venue.

Founded in 1929, the theater will be restored as part of Devils Arena Entertainment under an agreement with Jersey City and the Friends of the Loew’s, who operate the venue. The $ 72 million plan includes technical upgrades, infrastructure improvements, and the preservation of a number of aspects of the venue

The renovation work is currently in the final planning phase and should get fully underway in the first half of 2022, according to Colin Egan, director of Friends at the Loew’s, with a reopening planned for the first half of 2024, which will draw a number of consumables such as lighting and cabling off before they start.

“It is now extremely exciting to see the prospect of the major restoration and renovation the theater deserves and needs,” said Egan. “We look forward to [it] done and then brought the people back into the building. “

The Jersey City Historic Preservation Commission, which identifies and protects sites of significant interest, reviewed the restoration plans in an October 25 meeting with public hearings. The commission had already approved the proposals earlier this summer, but requested a presentation with further details later in the year.

One concern of the commission from a monument conservation point of view is the possible elimination of the central aisle that leads from the lobby to the orchestra pit in the seating area on the first floor. Part of the plan is the creation of a modular seating system so that events with full seating as well as events with standing room only can be held. Egan says the modular design would be one solution to preserving the center aisle for performances.

The theater is also aiming to be listed on the National Register of Historic Places through the National Park Service, with a decision expected tomorrow. Recognition would allow the theater to receive tax credits.

According to Jersey City spokeswoman Kimberly Wallace-Scalcione, talks were also held with the governor’s office around the EDA.

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