Lakeside Live got off to a successful start despite the cold Saturday night | news

CITY OF PELL – Residents braved the cold this weekend to enjoy the first Lakeside Live Music Festival and Car Show on Saturday.

Event organizer Casey Cambron said the event saw large crowds during the day, but the crowds thinned as the sun set and temperatures rose into the 1930s.

“We had a nice crowd all day,” he said. “It was just cold.”

Despite the cold weather, Cambron said the event was a huge success. He said vendors, sponsors and attendees all told him they enjoyed the event.

“Everything went very, very well,” he said, adding that he hopes to repeat the event next year.

Cambron said the event raised $ 2,700 to help the Pell City Police and Pell City Fire Department.

“I’m happy with that number,” he said, but said that he believes that what the event can give back will grow as the event itself grows.

Cambron said the music acts were very well received during the festival, especially some of the more local talent.

“Cory Jr & Company and Kudzu were the favorites of the day,” he said.

Cambron said headliner Disciple put on a stellar show too, and solid audiences braved the cold temperatures to see it.

“It was a good time,” he said. “It wasn’t a big rush, but it was still a good rush.”

Cambron said while the cold set in, as the sun went down for most of the day, it was beautiful. He said the auto show, which was mostly earlier in the day, had nearly 130 cars in it. Cambron said he was surprised to see cars from Mississippi, Georgia, Tennessee and the Alabama Gulf Coast participate in the show.

He said Lakeside Live’s premier event, “The Battle of the Badges,” went off without a hitch. At the event, Pell City police officers and firefighters competed in a series of friendly competitions for whistle-blower rights and a bespoke championship belt.

Ultimately, the fire department won the belt this year, despite Cambron saying the purpose of the event was to shed light on public officials, not who won them.

“The Battle of the Badges was all I hoped for,” he said.

Pell City Police Chief Paul Irwin and Fire Chief Tim Kurzjeski also attended the auto show by sharing their top picks from the show.

Kurzjeski said he thought the event was important as it allowed residents to see their security guards having fun together. He said that often people only interact with a police officer or firefighter when they are in a bad situation and it is good to be reminded that they are only human.

“I think it was great for the community to see police officers and firefighters and just have fun,” said Kurzjeski. “It was good to have a friendly competition.”

Irwin said he and his officers had a good time on Saturday and that he particularly enjoyed the car show.

“It was great,” he said. “The auto show was amazing.”

Irwin said he picked a 1966 Chevrolet Chevelle Super Sport for his Best in Show award.

Cambron said he was very happy with the event and was already making plans for next year.

“My goal is always to have a solid event that is fun for the family,” he said, “and it seems to be working.”

However, Cambron said the event may be postponed to the end of September next year to avoid the cold.

Taylor Mitchell is a Daily Home reporter covering Pell City.

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