Kols Offering Token launches KOT ecosystem for the entertainment industry

Kols Offering Token launched the KOT ecosystem that combines KOLs, marketing, social media, NFT and cryptocurrency to create a community for social influencers, fans and marketers to come closer together and benefit together.

KOT is the project about KOL Offering Token. It combines blockchain, KOL, fans and entertainment services to develop a community ecosystem to connect KOLs from many entertainment professions with fans and followers. NFT trending allows people to exchange and trade items, images, videos, GIFs, music, and each item is unique and has no copyright on it.

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KOT Token is based on the Binance Smart Chain Platform (BSC platform), the total supply is 100 million tokens. The project chooses the BSC platform because of the good connection of all other services, the fee is quite low, the transaction speed is stable, and BSC is currently one of the most developable platforms in the world and easy to update and support.

What KOT is focused on is not just the technology and infrastructure, they are building an ecosystem to serve the entertainment community with Blockchain and Tech 4.0. Initially, the company is focusing on building the community that believes in this industry, and all the features will also attract more users from games, NFT market and “Big Fan”.

Big Fan is the NFT platform that sells KOLS branded items. Built on BSC network. NFT Kols will be a great revenue stream with great returns that big fans will invest in. A cross-platform application designed for users to access the KOT ecosystem service at any time.

And now let’s talk about the special product that will launch this year 2022: K-Livestream.

KOT will be the token that owns the world’s largest Kols network, easy exchange in all transactions while increasing economic value for owners. Future DEFI platform to create business ideas, exchange services and user’s own unique Kols tokens, store information for BIG FAN’s NFT KOT app for entertainment services.

Creation of an exchange environment for the community, improvement of the social telecommunications network in the future, exchange of intermediate tokens with the tokens of organizations, individuals in the Kols area. Today’s application allows users to optimize their needs on a social networking platform. This is also a tool for KOLs to interact with BIG FANS around the world. This feature makes the exchange of personal tokens and KOT safe and the verification of the exchange becomes easy.

The plan in 2022 KOT will bring a new development platform, that is, Game 2.5D service and NFT market, which will be directly applied to the ecosystem of KOT Ecosystem, which is directly integrated with the Karaswap platform. It’s a breakthrough step to provide users with more diverse experiences and increase the applicability of KOT to a greater extent.

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