Kingston cyclists gather for active locomotion

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Cyclists, skateboarders and unicyclists will ride together to show their support for safer roads.

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This Saturday, the Kingston Coalition for Active Transportation is holding a bicycle rally starting at 3 p.m. in McBurney Park to advocate for safer roads for active transportation in Kingston.

The event is open to anyone interested and is aimed at all skill levels. Drivers will meet at McBurney Park and ride together along Princess Street or any route downtown that ends at Confederation Park around 4:00 PM

Volunteers wearing safety vests are set up at all major intersections to ensure drivers can get through traffic safely.

“It will be safe. The last time we did it, we had tons of young kids, ages four or five, on small bikes, so it’s a slower pace, ”organizer and coalition volunteer Nico Koenig said in an interview with the Whig Standard .

The aim of the rally is to show support for a safer cycling and cycling infrastructure and to highlight the advantages of a less car-centric city.

“Everyone benefits from safer roads. Whether pedestrians, cyclists or drivers, everyone can benefit from safe roads.

At the local level, Koenig has seen support for bicycle-friendly policies, but believes that more needs to be done.

“A good thing is that Kingston has an active transportation schedule, but it’s only a schedule. It starts with implementation, but we want to make sure that it continues to be implemented, ”he said.

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According to Koenig, one problem that affects cyclists in Kingston is bicycle theft. He believes that the City of Kingston or the Kingston Police Department should follow the example of other communities like Vancouver in adopting a bicycle registration system.

“(Bike theft is) a big issue here, and there are a lot of people here who feel that it is not being taken seriously and that there is no follow-up. So people feel that they can’t park their bike where they want or have to, ”he said. “One of the things we’re really working on right now is a Garage 529, a kind of registration system that can register any bike in the area so that if it is found by the police or whoever it is, it can be returned to the owner . “

Koenig also wants more cycling infrastructure so that cyclists of all skill levels can feel safe on the roads.

“We have to make sure that people feel safe while riding, whether it’s a skateboard, an e-bike or a unicycle – whatever you need to get around town efficiently, cheaply and sustainably. In my opinion, the most important thing is more infrastructure. Separate rooms and make sure it isn’t just a painted line on the floor. What we need is the separation from the car, because that’s what hurts us the most, ”said König.

While the KCAT team is committed to making roads safer, the group wants to have fun and show the community the joys of active transportation.

“Cycling in large groups is a lot of fun. The last year and a half has been crazy and being outside, biking and moving together is a lot of fun, so it’s going to be a fun event, ”he said. “We want to make sure Kingston is a place for people who love to drive.”

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