Kecia wants a $ 30,000 engagement party and fans think it’s a giant red flag

Kecia out Addicted to marriage walked down the aisle three times. But she’s never had an engagement party. This is something the TLC personality intends to change before marrying Ernst who will be the No. 4 husband of the New Jersey attorney. However, could her demands for an over the top pre-wedding party give her fiancé cold feet?

Addicted to Marriage’s Kecia insists on a $ 30,000 engagement party

Kecia dreams big for her engagement party. She envisions an extravagant event in her home, which she calls “Casa Bella,” complete with valet parking, gold paraphernalia, ostrich feathers, and a pianist in the foyer. The whole thing would cost around $ 30,000.

Ernst, who admits his “business is not where it was,” tries to convince his bride that a more humble country club celebration would be a better choice. but she doesn’t have it.

“Do you want a Rolls-Royce or do you want a Cadillac?” She asks.

He says he’s happy with the Cadillac if he can afford it.

“That’s done. And I’m not giving up, ”she replies.

To cover the cost of Kecia’s dream party, Ernst considers selling the house he shared with his late wife – an emotional decision – and moving in with his fiancée. However, Kecia insists that they not live together before marriage.

“Kecia wants to have this big party at Casa Bella and spend all that money,” he says. “I want to give her the engagement party she wants, but I just can’t make it to both houses right now.”

Ernst says Kecia’s house is causing problems in their relationship

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Ernst is willing to sell his house to help build his relationship with Kecia, but his children have some reservations. During dinner in their parents’ house, one of his sons tells his father that the move is “bittersweet”. While they seem to trust that he will make the right choice, they are concerned about Kecia’s insistence that Ernst not attend the deed for Casa Bella before the wedding.

“You have to be careful, man,” says one. “Because you know that Kecia is a lawyer.”

Later in the Addicted to marriage episdoe, Ernst admits that his relationship with Kecia has changed since she bought her sumptuous home. He helps her to cover the cost of the house, and that creates a financial burden too.

“I feel like this house has simply consumed our relationship since this house came into our lives,” he says.

“Addicted to Marriage” fans say Kecia is raising red flags

Addicted to marriage Viewers think Kecia’s calls for an expensive engagement party and refusal to let Ernst move in (or attend the Casa Bella deed) before the wedding are big red flags.

“This man is better [run] NOW, while he’s ahead … ”wrote one on TLC’s Instagram.

Some suggested that she was in the relationship for financial reasons.

“She doesn’t love you … when the money is gone she will be gone …” commented another.

Another person called Kecia “selfish and spoiled” and added, “This guy should run while he still has a few dollars.”

Addicted to marriage airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.

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