John Lennon was stunned by the stars at a party despite being “the most famous person in the room”.

John Lennon and Elton John attended a party for Dean Martin’s son in the 1970s. When John Lennon told about the party, he was enthusiastic. The selling point for Lennon wasn’t the birthday boy, but another guest. When Lennon heard Elizabeth Taylor would be there, he knew he wanted to go. He was struck by how charming she was when he spoke to her.

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John Lennon was excited to attend a party that Elizabeth Taylor was attending

Lennon and John became good friends in the 1970s. John informed Lennon about Ricci Martin’s birthday party and invited him and his girlfriend May Pang to come along.

“The party was to be held at the home of Martin’s estranged wife, Jeanne, and the guest list included Elizabeth Taylor,” Pang wrote in her book Dear John. “John was very excited. “I never met Elizabeth,” he said. ‘I really want to go.’”

Pang said when they first arrived at the party, she and Lennon tried to find people they had never met before. Lennon was a celebrity, but he enjoyed socializing with other stars.

“As we looked out over the crowd, everyone stared at us,” Pang wrote. “Even though John always liked to meet really famous people, he was still the most famous person in the room.”

He was overwhelmed by the actor

Pang and Lennon were circling the party and talking to people, but he was focused on meeting Taylor.

“We walked slowly through the house chatting to anyone who approached us,” Pang wrote. “‘Where’s Elizabeth?’ asked John. ‘I want to see Elizabeth.’”

Pang said the room went silent when Taylor finally walked in.

“Forty minutes after we arrived, Elizabeth Taylor sailed into space,” she wrote. “The party suddenly stopped while everyone turned to stare at her. There was a star! I was surprised to see how small she was because everything about her was larger than life.”

Even Lennon and John, two big celebrities, were impressed by the stars.

“Like teenagers, John and Elton approached her nervously,” Pang wrote. “She beamed when she saw her. “Oh,” she said, “I’m so pleased to meet you.” John and Elton responded to their genuine delight. Both did their best to amuse her. She laughed happily at her lines and threw in some of her own.”

As Lennon and Pang left the party, they discussed how much they enjoyed talking to Taylor.

“On the way home, John and I talked about how much we had loved Elizabeth Taylor,” Pang wrote. “‘She’s not rock ‘n’ roll,’ said John. ‘She didn’t like us. She comes from another school. We go crazy as we get older. She was trained to handle things.’”

John Lennon met David Bowie at the same party

At the same party, Taylor Lennon introduced David Bowie.

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“When David Bowie arrived, she grabbed his arm and said, ‘David, do you know John?'” Pang wrote. “‘No, but I’ve always wanted to meet him.’ Bowie gave John his bright smile. There was a look of genuine admiration in his eyes. John, who found Bowie’s music fascinating, was very welcoming. David had great charm and was also very funny.”

Later that night, Lennon and Pang found Bowie and Taylor engaged in an intense conversation.

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