JLo’s big day, Apple Martin’s party and was Bethenny Frankel ‘shadowbanned’? The Week That Was in Pop Culture

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Frankel vs. the Kardashians

OPINION: Bethenny Frankel is probably the most outspoken real housewife of all time (that’s saying something). It’s usually a Barney with Ramona Singer, but this time she’s taking on the Kardashians. dun dun

“We need a Kardashian break,” she said on her podcast and on an Instagram roll, “and I was honestly scared to say it. And it’s not because Kris is the mafia and controls a lot of the media because I don’t give a shit… cancel me.”

“What do we tell our children? What’s the message?” she said. “Take it all? Be as rich as possible? Filter as much as possible? Be as wrong as possible. “

All very valid points, but for me the most interesting part is that Frankel claims her posts criticizing the Kardashians and other celebs get fewer views than others — she thinks she’s “shadowbane.”

“Since I seem to have had ‘shadow ban’ on Tik Tok since posting about celebrity brands and only get 10 percent of normal views on that role, hmmmm [my smart followers pointed this out] it seemed like this should be posted here…coincidence maybe? Or is there really censorship?”

Was she actually shadowbanned – I have no idea. My feeling probably isn’t, but I love the thought of K. Jenner just casually making a call – “activate cancellation.”

Or is Mark Zuckerberg actually Mama Kris in a male human suit? Now that’s the Black Mirror plot twist I’m here for. (PS: Dear Overlord Jennerberg – this is satire – please don’t ban me from the universe. I like it here).

The signs had been there for months, but

Jordan Strauss/AP

The signs had been there for months, but “Bennifer” finally had her big white wedding this week.

Drones galore at Bennifer’s big wedding

You’ll have had a hard time opening Insta, any major news website, or even your eyes this week without realizing that on-again, off-again lovers Jennifer Lopez, 53, and Ben Affleck, 50, finally had their big white wedding on his “estate” in Georgia, 20 years after they first started dating.

Oh, and speaking of getting smothered by the celebrity news cycle, did you know Meghan Markle now has a podcast?

Back to the wedding: Casey Affleck wasn’t there, reports suggest J-Lo’s best friend, former Scientologist Leah Remini, wasn’t either, but honestly I don’t care about all the talk because a) I have an unfounded but have strong love for Lopez.

And B) all I could think about as I watched these footage of La Lopez walking down the aisle with her incredibly tall train, her head beaming, her kids holding said top mix was… how loud would all those drones be and helicopter be the photos were?

Was it ‘excuse me, what was that?’ says the pastor while Affleck shouts “I DO,” or has drone technology evolved by leaps and bounds? Was Affleck-Lopez there for public relations? Or were they completely intrusive and unwanted? I have questions.

Look, I’m glad these pictures exist, but I can’t stop thinking about how the sausage was made and how weird it must be to be a celebrity.

In the interest of sharing, here’s one doting and cheesy fan compilation so that you can delight your eyes:

And days after the pap shots went around the globe, we got the drip-drip-drip of what I suspect heavily negotiated and pre-arranged official shots from accounts like Ralph Lauren and Vogue. Have I poured over every single one? Pinch those pictures to enlarge every detail? Yes, I have.

Gwyneth Paltrow recently celebrated daughter Apple Martin's 18th birthday by posting some pictures on Instagram.

Gwyneth Paltrow/Instagram

Gwyneth Paltrow recently celebrated daughter Apple Martin’s 18th birthday by posting some pictures on Instagram.

Apple Paltrow is old enough to party

This week, purveyors of celebrity gossip reported Page Six that Apple Martin – the daughter of the consciously separated Gywneth and Chris – threw a party at her mother’s home in Hampton a few weeks ago and that police have been called to investigate the whole matter to dissolve.

Well, the details of the party are secondary here — I mean, the neighbors who tricked Apple might just be curtain pickers, right? But what struck me among all the stories is that Apple is 18 years old. She’s of a legitimate partying age (well, maybe not in the States, but she’s happy to let off some steam here in Aotearoa).

If, like me, you’re an older millennial or older, that thought will likely make your hips ache with age. It feels like only yesterday that her name—when she was a tiny little newborn—was on everyone’s lips.

Oh, and just look at these side-by-side pictures: The apple didn’t fall far from the tree.


Life after the altar hasn’t been great for the Love is Blind season 2 contestants.

Love is blind divorces mal deux

Two breakups from Love is Blind season 2 couples were announced this week – both Danielle Ruhl and Nick Thompson and Iyanna McNeely and Jarrette Jones have announced they are divorcing.

I’m not going to joke about this as these are real people really getting divorced, which is painful, but I felt I had to share with anyone who, like me, is too into this show and disproportionate you hang the couples watching.

PS Nick Thompson, who was sweating from every pore throughout his summer wedding, was gold and probably the most thing I’ve laughed about on TV this year.

You can hardly imagine anything nicer than


You can hardly imagine anything nicer than “Corn Kid”.

Corn Kid for the President

The problem with algorithms and metrics on social media is that a lot of what we see online feels made up just for the sake of being viral. But every once in a while a video comes along that’s so pure, so good, so wonderful, so wholesome, that it makes my day: and to make yours, I bring you Corn Kid.

“I can’t imagine anything nicer.” We all learned a lot from him.

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