Jackbox Party Pack 9 continues to bring fun

The ninth iteration of the ultra-popular Jackbox party games is here Jackbox party pack 9and we must try this ultra-fun game hands-on with many other players at Pax West 2022. For a game that’s in its ninth installment (eighth installment? Not counting the original), the team at Jackbox Games aren’t ones to rest on their laurels – they’re always on the lookout for brand new games to add to the party -Add packs as they develop sequels for some of their most popular titles, such as fibbagewhich is included Jackbox party pack 9.

Although there are five games in total in the new Jackbox Games title, I’ve only had a chance to play one of the new ones: nonsensual. As with most jackbox games, things quickly get absurd. There are two rounds that combine both writing and drawing skills. For the first round, each player gets a prompt and a probability score, so my question was about medieval kings and the probability was 70%, so I had to come up with a name that sounded like there was a 70% probability of it could be a real medieval king. The other players then estimate the probability between 10% and 100%, points are then awarded accordingly.

The second part of the game brought even more absurd prompts to draw, my first being drawing Pikachu but 20% of him is a windmill. Other highlights of this round include a player drawing Santa Claus as a wrestler and a surprisingly delicious looking pizza.

While playing the game, I was able to chat a little with Editor-in-Chief CJ Tuor and Creative Director Ryan Digiorgi. In games such as Quiplash in which Jackbox Party Pack Collection, Tuor described the difficulty of writing the safety quips, answers that players can choose when they can’t think of anything themselves.

“We want to add little things that make the player look good,” said Tuor. “We want the safety quips to be fun, but no funnier than what players would find themselves.

We also talked about how online social gaming has become even more important during the pandemic, and Tuor mentioned that it’s not uncommon for players to thank the team for their games.

“It’s a game that can bridge generations,” said Tuor. “On Thanksgiving, when families don’t want to talk to each other, anyone can play a jackbox game.”

Jackbox party pack 9 is promising as a popular game this holiday season as it is scheduled for release in Q4 2022. The game lineup in this pack includes: Fibbage 4, Quixort, Junctopia, Without a sensory, and boomerang. A full description of these games can be found on the Jackbox Games website.

TechRaptors Jackbox party pack 9 preview was conducted on PC at a demo booth at PAX West 2022.

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