Is it safe to ask for personal credits on the internet?

One of the doubts that assail some applicants of personal loans through Internet is if this procedure is safe.

Request personal credits on the internet is it safe?

In fact, it is a doubt that many users still have when they make an online purchase or when they perform an economic transaction on the Net. But in reality, Internet security has improved greatly in recent years, so much so that today we operate with Bank accounts, making purchases with a credit card or transferring money privately has become something completely everyday.

In this article we review the main aspects related to the security of , which will give you greater confidence and confidence on our website when requesting personal credits. Take note.

What security methods does our personal credit website use?

The security indicator that you must locate immediately, both on our website and any other, is the famous candadito that usually appears next to the address bar, although the location may vary depending on the web browser you use (Google Chrome, Mozilla , Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.). On the other hand, what does not change is the security certificate that this icon transmits.

It is a certificate that indicates that the website uses encryption methods at the time of data transmission, which is normally carried out between the server where the website is hosted and the user’s own device. This data encryption is especially important when the data that is transmitted is sensitive, such as personal passwords or bank details. In any case, on our website we will not ask for a bank password, just the account number, for information purposes and so that the lender can enter the money requested in said account.

The encryption method we use at is the most advanced at present: SSL encryption ( Secure Sockets Layer ), a protocol that encrypts the data both in the sending and in the reception of the same.

In our case, the company in charge of certifying said encryption is Comodo , which audits our website on time to verify that all the security and encryption mechanisms work correctly to grant personal credits. Comodo is one of the most prestigious companies internationally and also has a great experience in detecting viruses and malware hosted on websites.

Other indicators of confidence in our web of personal credits

Although SSL encryption has to do with Comodo, on the website of you will find other aspects that will transmit confidence, related to the Copyright and the privacy policy and cookies.

Regarding Copyright , the prestigious company DCMA has granted us the corresponding certificate of authenticity of our content. This means that, although we use advanced software for the operation of our website, the content and management of our web portal is not carried out by robots or automated machines. Behind there are people working hard to provide you with the most advantageous personal loans, either because of their processing conditions or because of the solvency of the lenders that grant them. You can check the DCMA certificate in the bottom right of each of our pages. Clicking on the icon you will access a website of the DCMA itself where you can check the certificate.

Cookies are another important issue related to security, although many users have a misconception of them: they are not, in any case, files with viruses, malware or spyware that steal information. They are only files that improve the functioning of the websites that use them (in fact, practically all the websites of today use them), because they allow to remember data as personal preferences and make possible the integration of the pages with social networks, through the Like, Share and similar buttons. In any case, if you want to expand information through cookies, you can go to the page dedicated to these files .

Of course, the information we collect through our online form is treated in accordance with current law, something that you can also consult on our Privacy Policy page .

And finally, there is no better indicator of safety than the opinions and ratings of other users. And there are many customers who have already processed their personal loans with and with the other portals of our group in other countries, such as Spain, Poland or Mexico. According to our users, 98.99% give us an approved and declare loyal customers, willing to process new transactions with us. This means that there are more than 317,000 online loans granted and more than 298,000 users who have processed some type of financing on our website.