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RED BLUFF — Materials were available Saturday for anyone interested in learning how to illustrate and identify the western bluebird at the William B. Ide Adobe State Historic Park in Red Bluff.

Contestants finish their Western Bluebirds Saturday drawings at Ide Adobe State Park. (George Johnston/Daily News)

Park Aide Veronica Lamoreaux was the drawing teacher for the day and the main organizer of the event. She said illustrating birds can help people better identify them by knowing the different parts of their bodies and what colors they are. The park selected the western bluebird because it was primarily sighted in the area in the afternoon.

After learning to draw the western bluebird, park interpreter Jennifer Pooley helped people spot some birds and downloaded the Merlin Bird ID app, an online bird identification service.

Bird watching is an easy hobby that anyone can learn, Lamoreaux said. It can be done in urban areas, local parks, or even in your own backyard.

“It’s not just something that’s limited to people who travel a lot,” Lamoreaux said.

Kaitlyn Reed found out about the event through her fiancé. Reed enjoyed drawing birds, which she had never done before, and said she’s thinking about how she could incorporate it into the classroom she teaches in.

Reed used to bird watch with her grandparents and now has books to do it on her own.

“I enjoy things like that, learn about different things, and like[Lamoreaux]said, it’s not always about being an artist, but anyone can create art,” Reed said.

This event was made possible by the newly launched Art in the Park program, which Pooley describes as another way to invite and engage with people in the parks.

“I think when you bring people to a place where they can express themselves creatively, that also opens the door to learning and appreciation,” Pooley said.

The park will host a story event geared towards children on October 8th.

Later in the year, on December 17th, the park will host its Pioneer Christmas Celebration.

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