Home Town star Erin Napier ponders her daughter’s birthday with a bittersweet Instagram post

  • HGTV star Erin Napier has two daughters with husband Ben.
  • Her oldest, Helen, recently turned four, and Erin took the time to celebrate her daughter’s birthday with the cutest Instagram.

    Erin Napier is not afraid to wear her heart on your sleeve. the Hometown The presenter regularly opens her Instagram account and describes everything from her sweet moments with her daughters to her love story with her husband and co-host Ben. Most recently, the 36-year-old designer used her daughter’s fourth birthday as an opportunity to reflect on the state of the world and her daughter, and many fans agree with her statement.

    “The day she was born there was a flu epidemic that was so serious that we couldn’t leave the house or have company for many weeks,” said Erin in the caption of a photo carousel commemorating Helen’s big day . “Now she is growing up in the COVID world and she is very small. She has her family and a handful of friends and cousins ​​who are always careful with one another, and I wish the world were different for her. “

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    Although the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has hampered many plans, Erin insisted on making the most of her daughter’s special day. There was a frozen cake, festive decorations and lots of family time. And while the day sounded like everything little Helen wanted, Erin can’t help but wish more for her little one – and also for the other children in the world. “I pray that tonight, sooner or later, normality will return to normal for all the little ones in the world,” she wrote at the end of her caption.

    Soon after sharing, co-parents and Hometown Fans flocked to her account to deliver messages of support.

    “Happy birthday, Helena! And amen. I get so sad when I think about that more than half of my baby’s life has been in Covid times. I so much wish her a normal childhood, free from the worries of the moment. Hopefully soon, ”commented a fan on her post. “And the teenagers and young adults trying to find their way through high school and college during this madness. Normal for everyone. Please sir, ”wrote another fan.

    Someone else took a moment to remind Erin – and all of the people looking through her comments – of the silver lining: “But make no mistake about how many wonderful memories she will have of her home and family.” , write.

    And may we all keep track of these difficult times.

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