Hen Party Ideas: Here are 8 ways to throw the best bridal shower

Bridal showers and hen parties are an experience that a bride – and her guests – will remember forever, so it’s understandable that you want to make this night special and memorable.

But it’s not always that easy. Coordinating various friendship groups, creating spreadsheets to cover expenses, and choosing the PERFECT activity, location, and venue are just a few of the tasks ahead of you.

Luckily, we’ve rounded up some of the best bridal shower and bachelorette party ideas to make the night unforgettable. From a lively pool party to a relaxing spa day, there’s something for every bride-to-be. Here are a few ideas.

A pool party

As summer approaches, a pool party-inspired bachelorette party could offer endless delights. Why not lounge poolside or splash around in deep water with your favorite flamingo? Hosting a pool party themed event has many benefits, and add a few cocktails here and there to keep the bride and guests entertained.

A brunch party

Does the bride want a more relaxed day surrounded by her closest friends and a good cake? Then a relaxed brunch with an afternoon sandwich would prove effective. Plan the perfect brunch menu with the bride’s favorite assortments and perhaps drinks served by a private caterer to create a relaxing day.

A spa day

Of course we love to be pampered – so why not use the bridal shower as an opportunity to relax with a massage or kick back in the sauna? The treatment will leave everyone content and happy, with personalized robes being a lovely complement to a day of pampering. The bride should of course have the first choice for the design!

A cocktail party

The perfect cocktail can bring good luck, so you could try giving the bride a cocktail tag. Sample a selection of their favorite cocktails and more with a personalized bartender to cater to your every need and whim. Top it all off with their favorite chef providing guests with much-needed finger food and course meals.

Art themed party

We all love to admire art, but few of us are blessed with the talent to create works of art. If the world of art fascinates the bride, or better yet, she considers herself an artist, then why not experiment with an art-themed bridal shower? Grab some canvases and paintable vases, sit and relax with your friends while creating innovative works of art.

Urban ax throwing party

This one’s definitely a bit left of the field—but we’re strong proponents of going off the beaten path and giving the bride the bachelorette party she dreams of, even if it doesn’t fit the stereotype.

Picture this: compete in a hen party tournament where you hurl axes to a powerful soundtrack and channel all that energy into a very satisfying activity. Sounds like an absolute laugh riot, we think.

Perfume making party

Is your bride undecided on what her signature scent will be on her big day? Why not bang together during her bridal shower and make your own for her? And if you want to turn it into a competition – or a drinking game – the person who makes the prettiest scent gets free drinks!

Jacuzzi Boat Party

This one is a wild one. It’s possible to take a hen party cruise in London and Essex – but it’s no ordinary cruise. You’ll take in the riverside sights from a hot tub. Some of these parties are BYOB, others are catered so make sure you don’t get caught.

Whatever you choose, the most important thing when thinking about a bachelorette party is that the evening is based on the joys of the bride and together with a few drinks with her best friends makes the evening unforgettable.

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