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Sean Farrell

The Community Arts Council of Prince George & District and Trinity United Church have been working on initial plans over the summer to convert Trinity Downtown (formerly Knox United Church) in downtown Prince George into a new venue for live music and events.

Knox United Church is the city’s oldest Protestant church with significant historical significance. It is known for its historic architecture as well as its enduring and historical role in community development. It has acoustic superiority, and with its full-time availability and central location, expanding its purpose as a venue has the potential to make an outstanding contribution to the revitalization of the inner city and become an important addition to the ecosystem of our community’s cultural institutions.

Trinity United has already started making some changes to the front stage area to increase engagement, increase stage space and improve lines of sight. Despite these changes, the CAC and Trinity United have a more ambitious plan of renovations and upgrades in their sights to create a world-class, affordable space for the PG and the performing arts environment.

To this end, the CAC has applied for funding from the Canada Cultural Spaces Fund, a program run by the Canadian Department of Cultural Heritage, to support the development of a planning project to revitalize the space, which includes a review of design and engineering, and architecture options, program flows, conceptual plans for the redesign, budgets for capital improvements and management structures.

“The need for a mid-size music and entertainment venue in the center of downtown was recognized early in the planning phase for our new creative center,” said Sean Farrell, Executive Director of CAC. “And with the urgent need for new art spaces, especially in the past six months, has been consistently and loudly expressed, we believe we are offering a unique partnership and opportunity to revitalize a much-loved cultural heritage into a world-class venue that will serve can handle a wide range of aspiring and professional artists. “

In addition to using the facility as an event and venue location, the two organizations are exploring integrating recording, green screen production, and live streaming technology as part of the website. The aim is to provide the best possible infrastructure to support art and performance groups to connect with their audience and to get in touch with them.

“Trinity United Church has a long history of community engagement beyond Sunday mornings,” said Rev. Dr. Bob K Fillier. “This is an opportunity to enliven the space and renew our commitment to downtown Prince George while strengthening and expanding our partnerships in the community. It’s about believing in action and the power of the performing arts to enrich and change life. Art has always been a part of us and a cornerstone of a vibrant and healthy community. We are very excited about the opportunities arising from a possible partnership with the CAC to transform our downtown campus into a vibrant new cultural space that will help us live our core values ​​and serve the community for years to come serve and the legacy of. to maintain the Knox site as the heart of inner city life. “

A site tour and group meeting with many of Prince George’s performing arts members are scheduled for October to gather initial feedback on the space and to serve as a prelude to future site needs planning meetings once funding for the project is received.

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