Fanverse is making steady progress starting in Asia and partnering in Europe and the Middle East to transform the entertainment industry to benefit from NFTs, Business News

Fanverse’s core business model is the ecosystem and interaction between fans and artists. Its NFT project focuses on entertainment-based content featuring leading Korean artists, singers and NFTs blended with TV programs, a gateway between entertainment through the NFT market.

The Fanverse platform allows any fan to purchase a non-fungible token (NFT) asset of targeted artists. In this way, the fans support the artist by being part of the crowdfunding community and being the main sponsor of their activities such as funding concerts or albums by buying their NFTs.

Link2Gain, Fanverse’s partner and exclusive representative in Europe and the Middle East region, provides comprehensive Fanverse advertising and digital marketing for NFT, artists, athletes, influencers and all entertainment-based content, including K-Pop singers, through its revolutionary digital Media technology powered by powerful AI

The synergy of Fanverse and Link2Gain will expand the potential of turning more fans into investors and key influencers to nurture artists, idol singers, actors and actresses to become famous and successful. This investment cycle allows fans and influencers to elevate and grow stars to effectively rank higher and strengthen communities. The ultimate goals of the project are to innovate the incentive system in the entertainment market to spotlight more content and artists.

Mark Hwang, CEO of Fanverse, says: “We are very excited to announce the launch of IDO on the DarePlay platform as well as the following DEX listing. These steps in particular will invite more global users to the Fanverse community. We also plan to do various IEOs afterwards and list on core exchanges to increase user access to Fanverse tokens.”

Meraj Siraj, CEO of Link2Gain added: “We are pleased with the solid legal development of Fanverse. It means that we, Link2Gain, can run a massive promotion all over the world to achieve the purpose of Fanverse platform firmly and quickly. There are tremendous opportunities that we will offer to athletes, artists, art, events and concerts. We will put them in the spotlight and get their names out into the world.”

Fanverse has offices in Seoul, Korea and recently opened an office in Hanoi, Vietnam to localize its operations and service and infiltrate local entertainment markets.

Link2Gain operates from Stockholm, Sweden to grow and expand its services across Europe and strategically operates from its regional headquarters in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This aims to provide a diligent service to customers in both Europe and the Middle East, in addition to securing the benefits of Dubai where the regulation is friendlier for blockchain and NFT projects. This allows Link2Gain to maximize and realize its powerful development in the second phase.

Project activities include organizing artist concerts, releasing albums taking full advantage of NFT, participating in DAO governance, promoting airdrops and attending events. Lin2Gain will promote these activities faster and more effectively and will also support various top athletes and spot stars in Europe, Middle East and Asia as their project ambassadors to bring high profile artists and sports stars to its NFT and Metaverse project. The Metaverse app is co-developed by one of the leading technology companies in South Korea.

About Fanverse:

Fanverse is a new NFT social platform for fan bases around the world. Fanverse creates various forms of NFT ecosystems such as fan/social tokens for digital art, games, donations and metaverse through the convergence of community and NFT technologies.

Also, Fanverse aims to provide innovative modules that not only publish and trade NFT, but also allow anyone to publish their own social/fandom tokens, along with content creators and fandom communities to share a variety of incentives.

Since the project’s launch in 2021, the project has reached several important milestones including the issuance of FT tokens, which will be used for payments, service fees, voting, staking, and other various functions used within the Fanverse platform for various business partnerships with entertainment companies and broadcasting companies.

About Link2Gain:

Link2Gain, a revolutionary digital media and marketing platform powered by powerful AI, was built on a passion for collaborating Swedish creativity and Japanese technology with 30 years of experience in media, PR, marketing, advertising and internet and related fields areas founded .

Link2Gain focuses on combined digital marketing, PR and media related activities to achieve tangible results for clients. This includes social media, backlink building, keyword research, competitor analysis, and content marketing, among others.

The Link2Gain team works to identify potential ranking obstacles for systematic on-page optimization based on keyword research supported by AI technology.

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