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The student and staff basketball game is an annual event that RM has hosted for over seven years. It includes a competitive basketball game that pits staff against students for the first time each year. It usually lasts from the second to the seventh hour and takes place in the main gym during the half day before Thanksgiving.

Although the game was supposed to take place on November 24th, due to the schools closing on the Wednesday before the break, that date has changed. The new date is December 17th, the date of the Winter Pep Rally. The first 15 minutes of each Pep rally are played.

“[Students should expect a] a heated game between staff and students, great music, a raging crowd and some tough T-shirts, ”said the event organizer and senior Ayellet Aharonovich.

Juniors and seniors know what to expect, but subclasses who might want to enroll are not familiar. “Expect a fun time – especially freshmen and sophomores who have never been through it before,” said Aharonovich. “It’s a fun RM tradition.”

Former student players are also looking forward to the game after missing everything together last school year. “I really missed the fun environment at the gym and playing against the staff,” said Senior Andrew Kim.

It’s not just the students who look forward to the games. The employees strive to measure themselves against their students. “I would like to see the tradition of the game continue and the staff keep doing threesomes,” said Michael Oakes, English teacher and basketball head coach at the girls’ school. Mr. Oakes is a veteran of the college and staff basketball game, having played in it since 2015.

At this point, all staff or student team seats are taken, but those unable to participate directly in the game should be prepared for a competitive, fun competition that can be watched from the stands.

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