Eritrean musician’s concert turns into a riot; police attacked

A concert event featuring an Eritrean singer turned violent early Sunday morning after dozens of people tried to enter the venue without a ticket. The police have been asked to support security at the Tilburg venue on the Zevenheuvelenweg. As the police joined the call for the concert to end early, attendees began throwing rocks at the police.

The emergency calls were received around 12:40 p.m., the police said. Although 150 people bought tickets to the venue, about 100 more worked their way in. Monitoring teams were dispatched to assess the situation with those responsible for organizing the performance.

“The owner and security guards feared it would spiral out of control,” police said. “Indeed there appeared to be an excessive influx of people and the situation was grim, particularly towards the police.”

The venue owner, on-site security, and responding officers collectively decided to end the performance and ordered the guests to leave the venue. “The angry visitors reacted very aggressively to the police. At one point, stones were thrown at officers and a taillight of a police car was smashed,” police claimed.

About 20 police cars, including dog units, arrived, according to Omroep Brabant. The officers and dogs took up their positions and began attacking the restive crowd until order was restored, police said.

No information was given about the number of arrests. It was unclear whether there were injuries.

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