Energy Capital & Power Announces Historic 2021 Libya Energy and Economic Summit, Endorsed by the Prime Minister’s Office

The Libyan Energy and Economic Summit – organized by Energy Capital & Power ( With the support of the Office of Prime Minister HE Abdul Hamid Dbeibeh – will be the first major international energy event in Tripoli for many years; The North African producer is trying to revitalize its oil and gas industry through the influx of foreign direct investment, incremental production increases and the restoration of regional diplomacy; The summit will take place in Tripoli from November 22-23, 2021, and local and foreign investors, industry leaders, policy makers and financiers are invited to participate in two-day discussions and negotiations

Energy Capital & Power (ECP).

The 2021 Libyan Energy and Economic Summit will mark the first international energy event in Tripoli in nearly a decade as the North African producer seeks to revitalize its oil and gas industry and increase oil production based on more peaceful and stable conditions in the country. The Office of the Prime Minister of Libya, SE Abdul Hamid Dbeibeh, has officially endorsed the event, which aims to drive foreign capital, technology and know-how into the country’s energy sector and sectoral revitalization as a catalyst for wider social and economic growth to use .

Event manager ECP works closely with the Libyan Ministry of Oil and Gas together with leading international oil companies and international service companies that have already expressed an interest in the event and their commitment to the growth of Libya.

“Libya is one of the most influential oil and gas markets on the continent, with a strategic position on the Mediterranean Sea and vast, unexplored basins with enormous border potential. ECP is honored to play a role in bringing the country back to global importance in the energy sector, ”said Kelly-Ann Mealia, Chair at ECP. “This Libyan government has been proactive in restoring structure within the industry, rebuilding regional and global connections, and reallocating budgets to rehabilitate the existing energy infrastructure. ECP supports Libya on its transformative path to an integrated, sustainable energy power plant. ”

To encourage foreign direct investment and promote regional energy diplomacy, ECP invites the regional and European ministers for oil and energy as well as delegations; along with leading intergovernmental organizations including OPEC.

Libya has long been one of the ruling oil producers within the MENA Region. After the new government was sworn in last March, the country enacted a series of reforms aimed at streamlining sectoral activities and gradually increasing production. Home to the largest proven oil reserves on the African continent, Libya’s National Oil Company has set a production target of 1.45 million barrels per day (bpd) by the end of 2021; 1.6 million bpd by 2023; and 2.1 million bpd by 2025.

In particular, the government has restored its oil and gas ministry and Libya’s former one OPEC Representative SE Mohamed Aoun as the new minister, a position vacant since 2012 Investment and Cooperation.

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To learn more about Libya’s sectoral revitalization and for more information on speaker or sponsorship opportunities at the Libya Energy & Economic Summit 2021, please visit or contact James Chester at [email protected]

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Energy Capital & Power Announces Historic 2021 Libya Energy and Economic Summit, Endorsed by the Prime Minister’s Office
Energy capital & power

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