Daily Wire says it will spend $100 million to keep up with Disney’s children’s entertainment

Shapiro foresaw the potential for counter-programming when he told his audience last week that his conservative media company, the Daily Wire, would start producing children’s entertainment. But he gave no details on how or when that might happen.

These details came on Wednesday. Daily Wire co-CEO Jeremy Boreing said in an employee town hall that the company will spend at least $100 million over the next three years to provide children’s entertainment. DW Kids will offer its subscribers live-action and animated shows via the company’s streaming service starting next year.

The project had been in the works for months, with plans to announce the company during November’s midterm elections. But, Boreing added, the Walt Disney Company’s recent “wake” actions, including their rejection of a new Florida law that will limit the teaching of LGBTQ issues in public schools, prompted executives to push that announcement forward.

“Americans are tired of giving their money to bright corporations they hate,” Boreing said. “They’re tired of giving their money to wacky media companies that want to indoctrinate their kids with radical race and gender theories.”

Disney did not immediately respond to a request for comment from The Washington Post Wednesday night.

Boreing cited the Florida Parents’ Rights in Education Act that Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) signed into law Monday. The legislation prohibits teaching about sexual orientation or gender identity to students in kindergarten through third grade. At Monday’s signing ceremony, DeSantis said parents send their children to school “to get an education, not an indoctrination,” the Associated Press reported.

As the law made its way through the state legislature, Disney initially remained silent. In a March 7 memo to Disney employees, CEO Bob Chapek said that the company’s “diverse stories … are more powerful than any tweet or lobbying,” according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Under increasing pressure from Disney employees in the days that followed, Chapek backed down. He apologized for not being “a stronger ally in the fight for equality,” and Disney announced it would halt all political donations in Florida, home of Walt Disney World, the company’s largest theme park.

Shapiro offered the same criticism on his podcast. He called Chapek “a pathetic coward” and offered a preview of what Boreing would announce about a week later. “We’re going to start creating content for kids specifically here at Daily Wire. So you don’t have to be taken care of by companies that hate your courage and you don’t have to care for the people who despise your values,” he said.

DW Kids is the company’s latest foray into entertainment. Boreing told employees executives also plan to spend the same amount to continue producing entertainment. The forays include the release of several feature films – including one starring Cary Elwes – and a sports podcast.

The Daily Wire has challenged other companies it deems “too bright” by competing directly with them in the market. Earlier this month, it launched Jeremy’s Razors to get revenge on a former advertiser, shaving company Harry’s, which stopped advertising with the Daily Wire after one of its hosts “inexcusable“ Comments about LGBTQ people.

Boreing knows how to hold a grudge — one of the sites that links to the new razor maker’s main page: ihateharrys.com.

Disney and Harry’s could be just the beginning for the Daily Wire. At City Hall on Wednesday, Boreing told employees the company’s vision for the future is centered on providing conservatives with products and services from a company that shares their values.

“We’ll wait over here. We will challenge them in trade. We will challenge them in messages and comments. We will challenge them in conversation. We will challenge them in content for kids.

“Americans have been waiting for these alternatives, and we will give them to them.”

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