Chicago Police Unions’ vaccination mandate lawsuit wins the hearing | Government and politics

As the deadlines for vaccine mandates have passed, the ramifications come on the country’s police force. “We’ll still give them one last chance to do the right thing,” Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot told police officers for refusing to report their vaccine status. The battle in court where a judge ordered the officer’s union chief to stop making public statements, such as: “You are under no obligation to respond or obey,” said John Catanzara, president of the Chicago Fraternal Order of Police . He had argued that vaccination was a matter of collective bargaining. But dragging more than a dozen police officers is a sore point in a city already struggling with high crime rates. There is resistance in Seattle and Los Angeles Counties as well. A similar story in San Diego. Around 90% of San Diego officials said they believed vaccines should be an individual choice. Almost half said they would rather be fired than fulfill a mandate. “That concerns, I mean, the potential impact if we lose officers,” said David Nisleit, San Diego police chief. The union argues officials could easily be hired elsewhere and urges the city to offer alternatives, such as regular testing. It tries to prevent cuts in an already tense force. “If you look at this police station, our officer-to-citizen ratio is the second lowest in this country and that obviously affects our ability to respond to crime,” said Nisleit. In Florida, Karen Weiskopf begs the police and anyone who listens to be shot. Her husband, officer Michael Weiskopf, died in August after battling COVID-19 for almost a month. He wasn’t vaccinated when he became infected. “The pain. There was not a day, not an hour, not a moment that he did not suffer, “said Karen Weiskopf. That would be much easier,” she told her officers to get the shot. But many union leaders hold on to this argument. ” We don’t like getting mandates and being pressured into this, said John Kazanjian, president of the Florida Police Benevolent Association. Kazanjian, the chairman of Florida’s largest police union, is vaccinated and encourages others to do the same, but: “It’s absolutely a freedom of choice, that’s why we live in this great country, the United States,” said Kazanjian. Florida has one of the highest numbers of officers in the country to have died of COVID-19: 57 and more. Anyone who leaves a family member behind, to wish that things could be different. “It’s still surreal,” said Weiskopf. “I take it, um, I think hour after hour and day after day.

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