Charles Leno Jr. made an instant impression on and off the field in his first season with Washington

The Washington Football team found their new left tackle in Charles Leno Jr., and he served his two quarterbacks well in the first three weeks of the regular season. Leno not only keeps Taylor Heinicke up in Washington, he also supports the community.

The former Chicago Bear is known for his charitable contributions to the community. In January, the NFLPA even awarded him the Week 16 Community MVP Award for his “Leno Claus” project. Despite wearing a different uniform this year and playing in a new city, Leno still appreciates the support of his community.

“Yeah, it’s something I’m very passionate about, something I love to do,” Leno told CBS Sports. “When I got into the league, I was told to always pay it up.”

Leno is also a co-founder of the organization “Beyond the Entertainer”, which works to show children that an athlete is more than just performing on the field. As Leno explained, there’s so much in the entertainment business.

“Our organization’s goal is for me to be from Oakland, California,” Leno said. “I know there are a lot of black and tan children out there, we feel that the only way out of the situation and environment we are in is through entertainment. It doesn’t matter whether it’s an athlete or a musician – whatever kind of entertainment. ”, That’s what they see most. But we want to shed some light on this part ‘beyond the entertainer’. For myself as an athlete, for example, there are so many things that make an athlete: You can work in public relations, in sports training, in coaching, as a GM, in financial consulting, in an agent – there are so many things that make a difference open an athlete. So if you want to be a part of it, you can still have that access to the athletic or the entertainment aspect. You know the chances that you will do it professionally are very slim, but there are always opportunities to be close to it and if you are really passionate about it, be there anyway. ”

Leno also holds events at local schools. Most recently, he attended Alice Deal Middle School in Washington DC to speak to the children and donate board games for National Family Game Night.

“It was a fun event,” said Leno. “I went to a local middle school here in DC and the day we went it was National Family Game Night, and me, my wife, and our organization bought about 200 board games: Monopoly, Trouble, Hangman, Candy Land, and we gave we just wanted to have fun, but then we understand, “I know you’re in school but it’s national game night. Go out and have fun with your family because family is important “I really appreciate family and I really enjoy having fun with your family and having these other types of game nights.”

Leno plans to hold several other outings in the future, such as a Halloween event and a Game Watch party that is still in the works. While he has only played three games for Washington, Leno has certainly made an impact on the city.

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