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MONROE, La. (KNOE) – Public outrage continues over allegations made in a controversial lawsuit against Cedar Creek School in Lincoln Parish. Several people gathered in the third judicial district courthouse on September 21, 2021 to support a former student who alleges the lawsuit was a victim of sexual violence and bullying by eight classmates.

The Justice For Paul rally on Tuesday was preceded by the publication of a 20-page lawsuit filed on behalf of the teenager’s family. The lawsuit alleges that a student with the pseudonym “Paul” was the victim of ongoing abuse that occurred in 2020-2021. The allegations involve sexual accumulation, which the school adamantly denied online.

Rally organizers told KNOE they didn’t know anyone personally. However, they said the details alleged in the lawsuit made it difficult for them to stand by and do nothing.

“I read this through and took a few short breaks to collect myself because it was traumatizing what this kid went through,” said Megan Coleman, one of the organizers of the event. “Nobody should have to go through this. It makes you think about the things that happened to you when you were a survivor. I just want this child and every other child to know that we are hearing and supporting them. “

“It’s hard for someone to express themselves anyway,” said organizer Courtney Brown. “It’s especially harder when you’re a man and you’re talking about it. And then turn around and call him a liar. That is not true. We just want him and everyone else to know that he was heard. “

A copy of the lawsuit began circulating on the Internet a few days ago. A central allegation in the lawsuit is that a group of college students forced an Eiffel Tower statue into the teenager’s rectum on multiple occasions. This is said to have happened in front of classmates while the teacher was not in class. The lawsuit states that other items were used on other occasions, including a water bottle and a broomstick. It is said that the teenager was penetrated “more than twenty-five times.”

In a response posted online, Cedar Creek admitted the bullying but denied the sexual battery claim and questioned the veracity of other allegations in the lawsuit. The school claims the story told in the lawsuit has changed from a previous complaint. They also say that another central claim of the lawsuit, a scheduled day of harassment known as “Hell Day” was planned in part by the student who is believed to be the victim. The school said other students should have their own “Hell Day” to “replicate in any way the training Navy Seals go through.”

The school said a retired Ruston police officer was investigating the matter and five students were expelled for the bullying. They also asked the family’s lawyer to provide evidence of the sexual abuse.

The lawsuit seeks general damages “in an amount that is reasonable in the premises against the defendant”. It also calls on a jury to award exemplary and punitive damages based on the sexual nature of the allegations.

Copyright 2021 KNOE. All rights reserved.

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Red lights, red shirts show support for the injured Carthage soccer player http://whistlestopdepot.com/red-lights-red-shirts-show-support-for-the-injured-carthage-soccer-player/ http://whistlestopdepot.com/red-lights-red-shirts-show-support-for-the-injured-carthage-soccer-player/#respond Tue, 21 Sep 2021 09:46:00 +0000 http://whistlestopdepot.com/red-lights-red-shirts-show-support-for-the-injured-carthage-soccer-player/

CARTHAGE, New York (WWNY) – It was a sea of ​​red lights and a sea of ​​red shirts – a wave of support in Carthage Park for Tyler Christman.

“We’re here just to show our support,” said Carthage junior Aiden Maccue. “Like just letting him know we have your back.”

Tyler was seriously injured in a JV soccer game last Saturday. On Monday, first responders from all over the north of the country lit the night sky in Carthage red.

Event organizer Chris Champagne says it all came together in just a few hours.

“It’s amazing, it’s surprising,” he said, “and a miracle that we can show so much support in such a short time.”

A sea of ​​red shirts on Monday night showed support for Tyler Christman, a Carthage JV soccer player who sustained a head injury in a weekend game.(WWNY)

Carthage Fire Chief Brian Draper and his team were among the departments that stood up for Tyler.

“My heart goes out to the whole family,” said Draper. “Also the entire JV soccer team, the school, the teachers. There are so many people involved. If there is anything we can do, we are here. “

Carthage’s soccer players gathered to comfort one another and a prayer ended the night.

A sea of ​​support for Tyler and his family.

“No matter what, we can all come together and show that support, no matter what we are all going through or how we are feeling,” said Champagne. “And let people know that they are not alone and can rely on each other.”

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Volleyball, music, and COVID rules issues on Port Elgin Main Beach http://whistlestopdepot.com/volleyball-music-and-covid-rules-issues-on-port-elgin-main-beach/ http://whistlestopdepot.com/volleyball-music-and-covid-rules-issues-on-port-elgin-main-beach/#respond Mon, 20 Sep 2021 22:16:20 +0000 http://whistlestopdepot.com/volleyball-music-and-covid-rules-issues-on-port-elgin-main-beach/

Article content

The calm and cool “Sexy Beaches” team defeated the smart and quick “Can You Dig It” team 21-18 and 21-17 and won the final of the volleyball championship championship on September 18 at the Social Athletics of Saugeen Shores ( SASS) season final tournament and concerts at Port Elgin Main Beach.

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The September 17-18 event was the first major outdoor gathering after the pandemic at Saugeen Shores with 350 people – all double vaccinated – and while everyone was having a good time, social distancing and masking were noisy at both evening concerts SASS President and Event Organizer Rob Fawcett.

He said masks are not required when people, sitting or standing, are eating or drinking with a group or at a table. “The problem is – who is in the group and how big could the group be?” Said Fawcett in a telephone interview on Sept. 19.
“So as the night went on, the groups of people got bigger and bigger, and as long as they had water in their hands they could get up,” said Fawcett.

Lion’s Head and Wiarton’s cousins, MacKenzy and Olivia Williamson, 17 and 14 respectively, opened a show for the Practically Hip tribute band on September 17th, which was billed as Concert in the Courts!

The next evening, young women stormed onto the stage when Lulus Roadhouse Band opened the show with “Oh, What a Night” – a band member remarked that it was the first time since New Year’s Eve 2019 that they were on stage.

At both concerts, around 20 to 30 people – some with blankets and lounge chairs – stood and sat in front of the tent entrance checkpoint – some said they were concerned about the lack of masks and social distancing.

Fawcett said it was “difficult” to convince some people to put on their masks when they went to the washrooms and the dining area because they were outside.

With sunny skies, warm temperatures and a light breeze, the volleyball action on September 17th and 18th was fast and intense.

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Fawcett said the competition finals were youth versus experience when Sexy Beaches crashed Can You Dig It? 21-18 and 21-17 to claim the competitive championship crown.

“Can you dig it? The team was young and fast, but the older Sexy Beaches (team) prevailed. It was great volleyball, a grinder – a long, hard-fought battle with big digs and a lot of hectic pace, ”said Fawcett.

Fawcett, who bought SASS this summer, said organizing the event was a learning experience – including the need for 24-hour security over the next year after volleyball nets and poles overnight May 17-28. September were torn on the volleyball courts.

Fawcett said many people and groups helped make the event a success – particularly the Port Elgin Rotary Club and the Port Elgin Scouts who hosted the barbecue.

Fawcett said he didn’t know how much, but the event was “making money” that he would donate to the Rotary club and Boy Scouts.

“Rileys and Bumps” (left) defeated “Balls Deep” from September 21 to 11 in a medium-difficulty beach volleyball tournament game on September 18 in Port Elgin Main Beach.
With snacks and warm blankets, Mia Perry (left) Ayden Fair, Emma Wallace and Avah Perry waited in front of the fenced-in concert area on Port Elgin Main Beach on September 18 for the Lulus Roadhouse Band to take the stage at the season end of the Saugeen Social Athletics Shores Volleyball tournament and concert. [Frances Learment]
With snacks and warm blankets, Mia Perry (left) Ayden Fair, Emma Wallace and Avah Perry waited in front of the fenced concert area at Port Elgin Main Beach on September 18 for the Lulus Roadhouse Band to take the stage at the season end of the Saugeen Social Athletics Shores Volleyball tournament and concert. [Frances Learment]
Port Elgin Rotarians, including Pier Donnini (left), Jeryn DeCoppel, Kevin, Jessica, and Sandra Carter, and Fiona Mulin, were among the 40 to 50 volunteers at the weekend volleyball tournament and the Social Athletics of Saugeen Shores concerts at Port Elgin Main Beach . [Frances Learment]
Port Elgin Rotarians, including Pier Donnini (left), Jeryn DeCoppel, Kevin, Jessica, and Sandra Carter, and Fiona Mulin, were among the 40 to 50 volunteers at the weekend volleyball tournament and the Social Athletics of Saugeen Shores concerts at Port Elgin Main Beach . [Frances Learment]
Praktischly Hip, a tragically hip tribute band, entertained a crowd of around 300 - some of them masked and socially distant - in Port Elgin Main Beach on September 18 as the Social Athletics of Saugeen Shores marked the end of the beach volleyball season with a tournament and celebrated two concerts.
Praktischly Hip, a tragically hip tribute band, entertained a crowd of around 300 – some of them masked and socially distant – in Port Elgin Main Beach on September 18 as the Social Athletics of Saugeen Shores marked the end of the beach volleyball season with a tournament and celebrated two concerts.
MacKenzy Williamson, 17, from Lion's Head and her cousin and songwriting partner Olivia Williamson, 14, from Wiarton opened the show on September 17th at the first of two licensed concerts by Social Athletics of Saugeen Shores in a tent on Port Elgin Main Beach. [Frances Learment]
MacKenzy Williamson, 17, from Lion’s Head and her cousin and songwriting partner Olivia Williamson, 14, from Wiarton opened the show on September 17th at the first of two licensed concerts by Social Athletics of Saugeen Shores in a tent on Port Elgin Main Beach. [Frances Learment]

Young women rushed forward on September 18 as Lulus Roadhouse Band opened with “Oh, What a Night” at a Social Athletics of Saugeen Shores concert in Port Elgin Main Beach. One band member noted that it was the first time since New Years Eve 2019 that they were on stage. [Frances Learment]

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Brainiacs becomes champions and wins N1.5 million cash prize http://whistlestopdepot.com/brainiacs-becomes-champions-and-wins-n1-5-million-cash-prize/ http://whistlestopdepot.com/brainiacs-becomes-champions-and-wins-n1-5-million-cash-prize/#respond Mon, 20 Sep 2021 09:54:27 +0000 http://whistlestopdepot.com/brainiacs-becomes-champions-and-wins-n1-5-million-cash-prize/

Team Brainiacs has become a champion in the second edition of the Mind Games Incorporated (MGI) Scrabble Premier League 2021.

Brainiacs were confirmed as new champions at the grand finale, which took place on Saturday at the D’Podium International Event Center in Ikeja, Lagos.

It is worth remembering that the first edition, held in 2019, was won by Team Blazers.

Brainiacs took first place in Division A, which consists of 12 teams, and won the cash prize of N1.5 million.

Zenith Ziva

In Division B, which consists of 10 teams, Team Merry-ers became champions and won the cash prize of N1 million.

Division B Team Blazers champions

For aspiring champions, Merry-ers have been promoted to Division A alongside Indomitables, while the last two Division A teams, Lekki Bombers and Lusty Seniors, are relegated to Division B.

At the Gala Night on Saturday after the two-day grand finale, both Brainiacs and Merry-ers were awarded dummy checks and trophies.

Team Brainiacs’ Godwin Victor emerged as the most valuable player in this year’s edition and went home with N200,000.

And in the Patrons Cup, Olaribigbe Akeem was the winner and was awarded N120,000 and a trophy.

Also read: SPFL: Aribo gets the second submission of the season in the Rangers home draw

After the event, Lookmon Owolabi, the organizer of the MGI Scrabble Premier League, thanked everyone who made this possible.

“First of all, I have to thank God, because none of this would have been possible without God.

“I would also like to thank everyone who has supported this brand. The players, the sponsors, and I want to say that this is sponsored by Scrabble players. I funded the event, but with the support of the Scrabble players, we did it successfully. COVID came, but thank God we are alive and we were able to defeat COVID, we picked up in Abuja and this is the final of the event. “

Owolabi called on sponsors to join the MGI Scrabble Premier League to take it to greater heights.

He added: “That is actually expected. The structure of the league is that the team is traveling across the country, actually in four locations, Abuja, Lagos, Port Harcourt, and this is where we are pulling the curtain on the league.

“So this is an event that every player looks forward to and participates in, and the standard of the event is top notch.

“We just hope to keep up the Temple, the Standard, and everything that MGI brings to Scrabble. And I would like to take this opportunity to reach out to sponsors and companies so that we can get this game to where it should be. “

And about how they were able to become champions in this year’s edition, Eta Karo, captain of Team Brainiacs said: “I am very happy, very happy, it was not an easy experience. Last year we missed the championship, it was really painful so we went back to the drawing board and came up with a strong formula to coordinate our team with to prepare for this year’s edition. “

By James Agberebi

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Families celebrate at the Down Syndrome Association’s annual walk http://whistlestopdepot.com/families-celebrate-at-the-down-syndrome-associations-annual-walk/ http://whistlestopdepot.com/families-celebrate-at-the-down-syndrome-associations-annual-walk/#respond Sun, 19 Sep 2021 21:47:50 +0000 http://whistlestopdepot.com/families-celebrate-at-the-down-syndrome-associations-annual-walk/

NILES, Ohio (WKBN) – The Down Syndrome Association of the Valley held its 14th Annual Buddy Walk Celebration on Sunday.

This year’s event was held at Eastwood Field after last year’s event was converted into a drive-through event due to the pandemic.

There was music, lots of dancing, and families and friends enjoyed the fun. Dan Lamping and his daughter Sara-Fina joined their family for the celebrations.

“We’re here to celebrate the Down Syndrome Association of the Valley and everyone with Down Syndrome,” said Dan Lamping.

Her team was the number one fundraising team that year.

To continue the social distancing, the Buddy Walk was a tailgating event this year.

“They’re partying, they’ve brought their own food and drink, and they’re just having a really good time with their families celebrating their person with Down syndrome,” said event organizer Debbie Williams.

The event offers people with similar paths in life the chance to experience something special together. Williams said that people with Down syndrome may have more in common than differences.

“You have the same feelings. You have dreams. You have ambitions. You have goals, ”said Williams.

Fortunately for the Lamping family, they are not alone on their way.

“Without our family, friends and the support of our community we would not have made it,” said Lamping.

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Justice for J6 rally goers criticize the Republicans’ absence after the host said some would speak http://whistlestopdepot.com/justice-for-j6-rally-goers-criticize-the-republicans-absence-after-the-host-said-some-would-speak/ http://whistlestopdepot.com/justice-for-j6-rally-goers-criticize-the-republicans-absence-after-the-host-said-some-would-speak/#respond Sun, 19 Sep 2021 02:17:33 +0000 http://whistlestopdepot.com/justice-for-j6-rally-goers-criticize-the-republicans-absence-after-the-host-said-some-would-speak/

Some attendees at the Justice for J6 rally have criticized Republican lawmakers for failing to speak at Saturday’s rally. The rally organizer, former Trump campaign officer Matt Braynard, said members of Congress would speak at the event.

The Justice for J6 rally demonstrated support for those arrested and charged in connection with the January 6th Capitol riot.

“It’s going to be huge … We’re going to stand down on the false story that there was a riot,” Braynard said on July 30 in an interview with right-wing media company Real America’s Voice. “We’re going to have some very high profile speakers there. We’re going to let members of Congress have their say.”

On July 30th, Matt Braynard made the following announcement about today’s rally on Bannons Show: “It’s going to be huge … We’re going to have very high profile speakers there … We’re going to have Congressmen speak.” pic.twitter.com/meuFEZ7C7l

– Ron Filipkowski (@RonFilipkowski) September 19, 2021

No member of Congress spoke at the rally on Saturday. Three House Republican candidates – Joe Kent from Washington state, Mike Collins from Georgia, and Jeff Zink from Arizona – spoke at the event, Spectrum News reported. None of them are elected officials.

“There have been some Congressmen who have stepped forward and helped lead this fight and we are very grateful to them,” Braynard told the publication. “But there is a problem. There are far too many who haven’t done anything.”

The rally participants expressed their anger over the lack of conservative lawmakers at the event.

A protester in the rally shouted, “Where is? [Republican House Minority Leader Kevin] McCarthy? Where is [Republican Senate Minority Leader] McConnell? They are all useless “, The Washington Times reported.

Steve Merkel, a protester from Baltimore, Maryland, said that Times, “They are cowards because they do not stand up for these constitutional rights. They are supposed to be protected. I call them political animals who are afraid of bad media coverage.”

Justice for J6 rally participants on Saturday complained that no Republican legislature spoke at the event, despite rally organizer Matt Braynard said so. In this photo Braynard speaks at the rally.
Robert Nickelsberg / Getty

Casey Crawford, a J6 demonstrator from Missouri, said that Times, “It’s really annoying that none of them came.”

“You see videos of Congresswoman Greene going into the jail cell and standing outside saying she wanted to go in and make sure everything was okay,” Crawford continued. “They do these shows that interest you … but don’t take the position that you want to stand up for people and then hide in an office.”

About 400 to 450 protesters attended the J6 rally on Saturday, according to the Capitol Police.

Cara Castronuova, co-host of the rally, blamed lawmakers and the media for the low turnout. She said the two groups deterred possible attendees by highlighting the potential violence at the event.

The rally was held in support of Trump supporters who stormed the Capitol on Jan. 6. The mob attempted to overturn the 2020 election results based on Trump’s unsubstantiated allegations of voter fraud. Around 140 police officers were injured in the uprising. Federal agencies have arrested over 600 people for allegedly participating in the event.

In the weeks leading up to the event, neither McConnell nor McCarthy made any public comments supporting or disapproving the Justice for J6 rally.

Immediately after the January 6 riots, McConnell referred to the rioters as “thugs” and “mobs”. McCarthy blamed Trump for the riot at the time and said that Congress should investigate what motivated the “mob rioters”.

Saturday’s rally put Republican lawmakers in an awkward position, Republican strategist Ford O’Connell said The hill. The Republican Party base believes the U.S. is being stolen from them and that GOP lawmakers in the Capitol are not doing enough to help, O’Connell said.

However, Capitol GOP lawmakers would draw voters’ attention to the omissions of current Democratic President Joe Biden rather than the January 6 events, he added.

News week contacted the Republican National Committee for comment.

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Huntsville Police Department: Traffic Delays: Trail Of Tears Motorcycle Ride Saturday September 18 http://whistlestopdepot.com/huntsville-police-department-traffic-delays-trail-of-tears-motorcycle-ride-saturday-september-18/ http://whistlestopdepot.com/huntsville-police-department-traffic-delays-trail-of-tears-motorcycle-ride-saturday-september-18/#respond Sat, 18 Sep 2021 16:57:36 +0000 http://whistlestopdepot.com/huntsville-police-department-traffic-delays-trail-of-tears-motorcycle-ride-saturday-september-18/


The Huntsville Police Department (HPD) Transportation Services Unit will assist participants in the annual Trail of Tears Memorial Motorcycle Ride on Saturday, September 18, to get safely through the Huntsville city limits. The organizer expects up to 10,000 motorcycles to take part in the ride. Drivers are reminded to expect delays on major roads and the motorway from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m.

Beginning at 9 a.m., HPD officials will close US Highway 72 East on Shields Road and Moores Mill Road to all traffic heading west so motorcycles can safely travel through the area. As drivers head west on I-565 to Mooresville Road, officers will help close the freeway access ramps. When the convoy of motorbikes drives through the area, the access ramps are reopened. The procession exits I-565 on Mooresville Road and arrives at Redstone Harley Davidson for a two hour lunch break. Road closures are expected to end at 10am and drivers are encouraged to use caution or alternate routes on Saturday morning.

The Huntsville Police Department coordinates with the Alabama State Troopers, the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office, Scottsboro Police Department, Madison County Sheriff’s Office, Madison Police Department, Limestone County Sheriff’s Office, Athens Police Department, Florence Police Department, local fire departments and HEMSI, if approaching and exiting Huntsville.

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Dozens gather in Olean to protest government vaccine mandates | news http://whistlestopdepot.com/dozens-gather-in-olean-to-protest-government-vaccine-mandates-news/ http://whistlestopdepot.com/dozens-gather-in-olean-to-protest-government-vaccine-mandates-news/#respond Sat, 18 Sep 2021 01:30:00 +0000 http://whistlestopdepot.com/dozens-gather-in-olean-to-protest-government-vaccine-mandates-news/

OLEAN – Protests against New York State’s vaccine mandates continued on Friday, with several dozen people from across the area gathering in Lincoln Park to express their frustrations and concerns.

At 6:30 p.m. people lined East State Street across from the Olean Municipal Building and near and even at the State and Union roundabout.

Many in the crowd wore American flags or signs with messages such as “Don’t comply”, “Expose our children” and “Stop the mandate”. People of all ages participated, including young children. Almost nobody wore a mask.

Event organizer Ciara Buchanan said the frontline workers served and worked through the pandemic “to serve and protect, giving untold amounts of time and energy day in and day out” without a vaccine.

“Praised heroes and important workers last year, and now they are this year’s persecuted and public health threat for simply making a personal choice not to inject their bodies one hundred percent comfortable with,” Buchanan said from Olean.

Public health officials including Dr. Kevin D. Watkins, director of public health for Cattaraugus County, routinely urges residents to receive vaccines to protect against COVID-19 and contain the spread – especially the more contagious Delta variant.

The Olean General Hospital announced on Monday that 11 employees recently quit due to the state’s COVID-19 vaccination mandate.

The hospital – which, according to mother group officials, employs 840 Upper Allegheny Health System – is encouraging staff to get vaccinated, but is warning state and federal officials not to prescribe vaccines without a test opt-out system that is targeting hundreds of workers the payroll would hold new wave of the disease.

Hospital administration was unaware of the planned protest on Friday or the presence of Olean General staff, Dennis McCarthy, a hospital spokesman, said Friday.

“If they protest the vaccination mandate, it’s a New York State matter,” he said. “All hospitals are affected, not just Olean.”

RACHEL PONKA, who has been a nurse at the Supreme Court for 10 years, fears that if so many employees are forced to resign, a compulsory mandate will crash the healthcare system. She said all aspects of the healthcare industry would be affected and more people would suffer.

“We have a really big shortage right now and the mandate hasn’t even come into effect,” she said. “Olean General has 250 people who haven’t been vaccinated. These are caretakers, receptionists, nurses, helpers, it works across the board. People don’t know how these facilities will be affected. “

Announced in August by the then government. Andrew Cuomo, the plan is for hospitals and nursing homes to be 100% compliant by September 27th, while adult care facilities have until October 7th. When employees fail to adhere to the rules, dismissal is the expected course of action.

However, a federal judge in Utica temporarily suspended the order Tuesday while a case involving 17 doctors and nurses is ruled in the Northern District of New York.

Since then, according to McCarthy, some hospital workers have opted for a vaccine. He said he has no update on whether any other employees have quit.

Ponka said it was critical that health facilities in the area remain staffed. She said she spoke to staff from other facilities and that many did not know how they would work if significant numbers of staff were forced to quit.

“It comes down to keeping people safe and the way to do that is to have people take care of them,” she added.

The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention announces a new program to help people care for other people at risk of suicide

In the meantime, school Districts across New York learned in early September that districts are required to test their employees weekly according to the latest guidelines from the state Department of Health. Those who are fully vaccinated have the option to decline the test by showing proof of vaccination.

In addition, everyone in a school building must wear a mask at all times, regardless of their vaccination status. In school buses, passengers and drivers must wear masks.

“I don’t think we should let the government dictate whether we have to wear a mask or have a vaccine. It should be a person’s individual decision, ”said Mark Schindlbeck.

“And parents should be able to decide that their children should not be vaccinated,” added Christine Wheeler.

Schindlbeck noted that they are both vaccinated, but the mandates and lack of information about the long-term effects of the vaccine are something people should rightly be concerned about.

“We want other people to know that people out there who may be feeling like they don’t want to be forced to get vaccinated or have their kids wear masks so they aren’t alone,” said Wheeler.

Schindlbeck, a Franklinville resident, said any town that throws its own protest is not as effective as those that come together in a more densely populated area.

“We don’t tend to do things like that, but we were kind of pushed to do it,” he added.

GETTING TOGETHER advocating for medical freedom is why Jim Cline attended the event.

“Choice. It’s about freedom of choice,” he said.

Cline, a Cuban resident, said the government’s attempt to get people to get the vaccine was wrong. He said his wife, who is a teacher, needs weekly tests because she is not vaccinated. However, he noted that the vaccinated do not need to be tested, although the vaccinated can still become infected with COVID-19 and pass it on to others.

Cline also pointed out what he named the inconsistencies and lack of information about vaccination-related injuries and deaths as causes of concern.

“We have our constitutional rights and that is being violated,” he added. “I think it’s a lie to say that they don’t force us.”

BY THE BUNDE On the 2nd level, President Biden ordered all private employers nationwide with more than 100 workers to require vaccinations or weekly tests, which affect approximately 80 million Americans. And the roughly 17 million health care workers who receive federal Medicare or Medicaid must also be fully vaccinated.

Biden also requires vaccination for executive staff and contractors doing business with the federal government – with no testing facility. That covers several million other employees.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration granted full approval of the Pfizer COVID vaccine last month, while the Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccines are still marketed under emergency FDA clearances.

Health officials had hoped that formal approval of the Pfizer vaccine would encourage more skeptics to get it, but reluctance to vaccines has remained a strong issue across the country.

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The organizer of large eSports tournaments requires proof of vaccination for 2022 events http://whistlestopdepot.com/the-organizer-of-large-esports-tournaments-requires-proof-of-vaccination-for-2022-events/ http://whistlestopdepot.com/the-organizer-of-large-esports-tournaments-requires-proof-of-vaccination-for-2022-events/#respond Fri, 17 Sep 2021 19:19:10 +0000 http://whistlestopdepot.com/the-organizer-of-large-esports-tournaments-requires-proof-of-vaccination-for-2022-events/

PGL, a major organizer of esports events, has announced that attendees and attendees will be required to provide proof of vaccination against COVID-19 for all of its 2022 events.

“I firmly believe that the only way to bring back massive LAN esports events is to require a full vaccination of the players, talent, staff and spectators in attendance. We will make this a prerequisite for all upcoming PGL events in 2022, ”said PGL President Silviu Stroie on twitter.