Breakout country star Priscilla Block is bringing the party

We’ll never be “almost over”. Priscilla block.

The 26-year-old country singer first stepped onto the music scene thanks to TikTok, where she’s been spending the pandemic Sharing their original songs and bold attitude towards the fans. Who else sings songs about PMS or life-saving curves?

“With ‘PMS’ and ‘Thick Thighs,’ when I wrote those songs, they’re uncompromisingly me,” says Block. “Just seeing people’s reactions makes you think, ‘Wow, I should write about this: my life and PMS issues and being this hot mess all the time.’ People relate to it. People want to hear it.”

However, the song she is perhaps best known for is her viral hit single “Just About Over You,” which tells the story of a relapse. A girl is going out with her friends and is having the time of her life until her ex walks in and all her old feelings come back.

“Why did you have to come back just as I was getting well and gone?”

These lyrics are so relatable because the story is 100% true, Block says.

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“I really wanted the video to feel like that [you] were with me that night,” she explains of the project, which earned her her first CMT Awards nomination for Breakthrough Video of the Year. It was really cool. It was like reliving that night.”

Block has more nights to remember in the near future as she catches her first headlining tour ‘Welcome to the Block Party’ already underway and she quickly finds the crowd has a favorite – her hit ‘My Bar’ .

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“The crowd is so damn loud I can barely hear myself sing at times,” she says. “And that’s great. It’s everyone’s show. It’s not just my show, it’s every single person in this room and the fact that they’re singing [“My Bar”] like it’s her own song is great.”

And while the crowd may have their favorite, Block says she has another.

“I love ‘Like A Boy,'” she says. “I remember the day I wrote it and I knew this song was so special and then when we recorded it it just had a new life and now I see the life it had on the street and people who are connected to it and feel it.”

And Block has a message for mean girls in “Peaked in High School,” another song from the album. “I have a deal, you got divorced,” she sings. But in the spirit of honesty, Block says landing that deal brought up a lot of different emotions.

“It was very overwhelming, exciting, scary. When every label started calling me, you’d think the moment will be like, ‘Oh my god, it’s here popping champagne. Yay’,” she shares. “But for me, to be honest, it was kind of scary because you only hear horror stories from people signing their lives. But it was also so special to me, and I’m like holy shit! I did that and she wants me and it’s not me knocking on her doors. You knock on my! And that line, it’s the whole idea: Anyone who didn’t believe in me, here I am.

Priscilla block

Logen Christopher

What’s next? Country music fans might have something else to look forward to from Block, who dreams of performing with “CMT Crossroads.” Lizzo.

What would they sing you ask?

“‘Truth Hurts’ and ‘Thick Thighs,'” she replies. “I feel like there could be a mix of those. And I want the damn Lizzo to be on the flute during ‘Thick Thighs’. I see it happen I see us both twerking together. It will only take a moment.”

In fact, during her live performances, Priscilla often jokes that if the audience forgets her name, all they have to do is search for her song “Thick Thighs” and she’ll pop up instantly. So Lizzo, if you’re out there, let’s make all these rumors true.

“I stopped worrying about what people think,” Block explained. “I’m a curvy girl, and why can’t I sing about it too? And I think when I see people’s reaction? It’s like, ‘Why shouldn’t I own this and be proud of it?’”

Oh, and as for her block party? Priscilla demands that the Kardashians be the guests of honor, though she has one condition. “You can host! That would be even better because I’m sure her party would be way better than mine!”

You can catch Priscilla Block at any of her Welcome to the Block Party Tour dates from now through October.

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