Body snapped from where it was going

When David Saunders, 98, died of COVID-19 in late August, his family donated his body to Med Ed Labs for medical and scientific research. But KING-TV in Portland, Oregon reports that Med Ed sold the body to Jeremy Ciliberto, the organizer of the Oddities and Curiosities Expo, which is touring the country charging viewers $ 500 to get a person’s autopsy and dissection in person to watch bodywork.

When investigators alerted Mike Clark, the undertaker in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, who had prepared Saunders’ body for the donation, he was ashamed: “I was absolutely horrified … he and his family thought his body was being used for medical advancement. ” Students.”

Instead, it went to a Marriott ballroom where attendees were asked to examine and touch the body – which may still be contagious. Ciliberto says he could “guarantee” that the deceased and his family knew what his body would be used for, but a spokesman for Med Ed says the organizer is “beyond dishonest”.

Least competent criminals

In Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, a robbery went wrong on October 31st when thieves broke into an empty house to steal an oven. Winnipeg Police Department told the CBC that neighbors reported they smelled natural gas and when officers replied they saw two unconscious people in the house. The thieves, “overwhelmed by the noxious gas vapors” after the gas pipeline was disconnected, regained consciousness and were interrogated outside, but because this is Canada, later released without charge.

Good idea

Islamic police in Karo, Nigeria, arrested Aliyu Na Idris, 26, on October 26 for trying to sell himself for 20 million nara, or about $ 49,000, Oddity Central reported. He works as a tailor but said, “The decision to sell myself was poverty. I plan to give my parents 10 million Nara if I ever get a buyer. “

Police said what he was doing was “forbidden in Islam,” but he was released the day after his arrest and said the police had only given him advice.

Great art

The New York Earth Room was created in 1977 by artist Walter De Maria and consists of an apartment on the second floor at 141 Wooster St., which is filled with … dirt. The room’s caretaker, Bill Dilworth, regularly waters and rakes the dirt, reports Oddity Central, and welcomes up to 100 visitors a day.

“The artist never gave it any meaning,” Dilworth said.

Entry is free to see the 250 cubic feet of floor, but people are not allowed to take pictures or touch the dirt.

Weapons of choice

Tahonee Fickes, 20, chose the closest weapon to attack Kimberly Pittman, 52, at a Walmart in Chambersburg, Franklin Conty, October 7th. Pittman hit her on the back of the head, according to The Smoking Gun. Fickes and Pittman are not related, and the police have not established a motive for the chicken beating. Fickes is also facing child endangerment charges.

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