BikerFest Block Party Offers the Milwaukee community a free, fun-filled day of “biker-style” excitement.

Saturday May 7ththBikerFest Block Party takes place for the 3rd timeapprox Annual community event from 12pm to 9pm at the Fondy Farmer’s Market, located on the 2nd200W Fond du Lac Avenue Milwaukee, Wi 53206

Milwaukee Biker Fest Block Party at Fondy Market Saturday May 1, 2021 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Pat A. Robinson photo

The BikerFest Block Party is an annual event designed to bridge the gap between bikers and the community. BikerFest Block Party founder Venisha Simpson is committed to hosting this event every year, providing a day of camaraderie among bikers and the Milwaukee community. The idea is to create a mutual understanding that bikers are human too, and to encourage all parties to hold themselves and each other accountable when sharing the roads. The Block Party captures the essence of excitement and camaraderie that makes bikers love the sport so much. This family-friendly event is in its 3rd yearapprox Annual event since 2019. Each year the day begins with the powerful excitement of roaring motorcycle engines as participating ‘Ride In’ bikers pull into the Fondy Farmer’s Market parking lot. In addition to the “kick off”, the guests enjoy:

  • Custom made motorcycles
  • A wide range of vendors (including groceries)
  • A complete section dedicated to education
  • Milwaukee’s Own Homer Blow on “Ones and Twos”
  • A bouncy castle in the children’s section
  • Multiple raffle prizes
  • Free registration gifts
  • A stunt show by XDL Show
  • Mini Bike Races from Mama Tried Show and Flat Out Friday and more.

It is planned to offer lots of fun and exciting entertainment that is free to the community and guests are free to visit a variety of local vendors.

“There are things bikers do, traditions bikers have and a level of respect bikers have for one another; it is our culture. I want to extend this to the whole community so they can see that bikers are people too.” – Venisha Simpson (Founder).

Since the pandemic, it’s been a slow and scary roll-out for all external events. After BikerFest invited more than 300 guests from the community to the block party in 2019, BikerFest hoped to double that number in 2020. However, BikerFest was forced to cancel its 2020 plans along with all other events in Milwaukee. In 2021 BikerFest returned for its second annual event with strict rules and regulations to ensure the safety of its guests. With almost twice as many participants as in the previous event. With all the deaths related to Covid-19, the ‘new norm’ of fear and uncertainty has plagued the community, making it difficult for them to enjoy the events as usual. BikerFest has made several changes to its facility to keep the public comfortable.

With the phasing out of mask requirements and lighter regulations due to an improvement in Covid numbers and vaccinations, BikerFest provides an opportunity to have fun like before. Those wishing to continue wearing masks will be encouraged to do so and there will be plenty of space for distancing and hand sanitiser throughout. The new mandate changes simply mean that the community is taking a well-deserved break from the “new norm” of fear and uncertainty. It’s an opportunity to throw caution to the wind and live a little — a chance to have some old-fashioned biker-style fun and excitement.

“Outdoor motorcycle events are the backbone of our summer and the motorcycling community. With Covid finally easing we are really looking forward to riding with our friends and BikerFestMke is a big part of that. Summer in Milwaukee wouldn’t be the same without BikerFest and how they bring together the distinctive motorcycling communities.”

– Scott Johnson (Mama Tried Motorcycle Show)

BikerFest Block Party is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote motorcycle safety. Her goal is to create awareness of motorcycle safety in Milwaukee communities and to educate motorcyclists about safer riding practices. With mutual respect between bikers and the community, BikerFest believes everyone can make it home safely.

Here are some ways to support the BikerFest Block Parties Initiative:

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