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Atlanta has roughly 750 residents, but this weekend this small town in northern Hamilton County will see 70,000 to 100,000 visitors to the annual Atlanta New Earth Festival, which began in 1974.

The reporter had the opportunity to speak to event organizer Jennifer Farley about what to expect at Hamilton County’s longest-running and largest festival.

Nickel Plate Express offers 15-minute rides for $ 7 per person; Children up to 3 years of age travel for free at the festival. The rides take place on Saturday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.


There will be more than 600 vendors lining the streets of Atlanta. “The city has three different areas that it rents out: Main Street, Dolles Park and Broadway Street, but homeowners are also getting involved,” Farley told The Reporter. “Around 600 sellers across the city are estimated.”

It should be noted that official attendance at the New Earth Festival includes all vendors and events that take place up to the south side of County Line Road.

“We have seen at least as many providers in the last 20 years, but the nature of the providers has slowly changed over the past few years,” Farley said.

According to Farley, Main Street will be reserved for retailers selling handcrafted items.

“Broadway Street has antiques, collectibles, vintage and seasonal home decor, jewelry, and boutique clothing to name a few,” said Farley. “Vintage and reused items are huge right now.”

There will also be a Gatewood’s Farmer’s Market on Broadway.

Returning sellers have kept telling Farley this is the event she is putting in the black for the year. The festival also helps the city of Atlanta in many ways.

“It’s a prelude to Christmas shopping for a lot of people,” Farley said. “But it also helps us. Our general fund budget isn’t that big, so this festival helps us fund things that we couldn’t do otherwise. “

The pruning of trees, the purchase and removal of abandoned land, special projects, the maintenance of Dolles Park and other local projects are paid for with funds from the festival.

If all of this seems a bit overwhelming to you, don’t worry, the Boy Scouts are always ready to help. There will be an information booth on Main Street with local scouts to help you get your bearings. At the stand you will find flyers, cards, programs, T-shirts and more.

Farley wanted to highlight the importance of the sponsors and volunteers that make this festival possible each year.


The New Earth Festival social media is hosted by Annie Dixon, of whom Farley said: “Annie is the assistant clerk for Atlanta and co-organizer of the festival. Part of her job is dealing with Facebook, Instagram and the new website. She does a great job and I really couldn’t do any of this without her, especially in the festival season. “

Main sponsors include: Commissioners Mark Heirbrandt and Christine Altman, Roudebush Equipment, Endeavor Communications, Nickloy & Nickloy Law, Kahlo Jeep, Nickel Plate Express, Bright Equipment, Mark Hall as well as Mr. Muffins Trains and the Choo Choo Café.

A big draw for visitors to Hamilton County is the live entertainment. “The entertainment sponsorship started on our 40th anniversary,” said Farley. “We decided to do something new and we wanted to do it right. To finance this, we have started a sponsorship program. This year’s free entertainment is made possible through sponsorship from Commissioner Mark Heirbrandt. Commissioner Heirbrandt was one of the festival’s first sponsors and we appreciate his continued support. “

This year the festival is again cooperating with the Good Samaritan Network (GSN) in a festival food campaign.

Farley told The Reporter that the GSN is a project launched by Nancy Chance to bring multiple charities together in one place. All resources available for charitable and outreach projects are available in one place. In this way, the network can connect people with the right organization for their individual needs.

Christine Altman sponsors Public Safety Health Awareness, which offers a variety of interactive learning experiences. There will be a fire safety trailer that will give children an opportunity to learn how to be safe when dealing with fire. Agencies like the State Police, People Against Impaired Drivers, Mended Hearts, the American Legion and others will be in attendance to help educate the next generation about health and safety.

The blood mobile is on Saturday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the garage south of Dolles Park. Farley says donations are urgently needed, so please stop by when you’re at the festival.

When asked about the name and history of the festival, Farley told The Reporter, “The festival started on Main Street in 1974. At the first festival everything was handmade. Originally it was the first week of October, but in good time it was moved to the fourth weekend in September. “

It takes several people to build the festival – from putting together 600 rubbish bins, installing water and electricity connections for the food vendors, setting up barricades and sponsorship signs, hiring vendors and providing emergency services. These are just some of the things that happen before the festival starts.

In particular, Farley would like to thank Chief Moore and the Jackson Township Fire Department, Blaine Mallaber and the entire Hamilton County Sheriff’s Department, and Atlanta City officials and the Utility Department for all of their contributions to the success of the Atlanta New Earth Festival.

The Atlanta New Earth Festival has a lot going for it this weekend. visit for more informations.

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