AtEM is revolutionizing the entertainment industry with its innovative Metaverse platform.

A revolutionary project for the entertainment industry that combines the powers of art and blockchain technology.

Art in its various forms of expression is how we see the world. We see it in painting, in music, in dance, in poetry and in all forms. Lately we’ve seen art in the form of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) with art expressions that can exist on the blockchain and manage a plethora of use cases. An important form of art is music, as many aspiring artists lack platforms to establish themselves on the path to a successful career. An industry report by Next Big Sound states that “90.7% of music artists will remain unknown and only 9.3% will make it into the big leagues”. That should change!

AtEM is a revolutionary entertainment services platform built in an interactive metaverse aiming to integrate art, music and games in one big universe. Leveraging the best of legacy artist management and innovative blockchain technology in the Metaverse, AtEM is poised to give artists the power to take control of their art/content in ways that have yet to be fully exploited.

A quick chat with AtEM’s core team, Lucas Joyner, Quinn Anthony and Ian Hill, reveals many of the amazing plans they have for the Metaverse/NFTs industry, artists and space.

Metaverse and NFTs are the new buzzwords in crypto space. What is AtEM about?

AtEM is the first entertainment services platform in a fully interactive Metaverse-style environment. “AtEM” stands for Arts + Entertainment Metaverse. AtEM isn’t just about the metaverse, the graphics, and the development that goes into it. It’s a whole new way to market the NFT and entertainment industry. Our goal is to change the ease with which an artist can progress their career and be self-sufficient through blockchain technology as well as traditional ways.

AtEM is set in an area that’s been attracting a lot of attention lately, even from tech giants. How does AtEM stand out?

A key difference for AtEM is that we provide the infrastructure for artists navigating a post-pandemic market. Let’s face it, there aren’t many opportunities for budding stars in the local rural areas. With mass venue closures, social distancing and safety concerns following events like Travis Scott’s festival and multi-year protests, AtEM brings everything a performing artist needs into one easily accessible package at the Metaverse. From content ingest and production, booking and tour planning, marketing and PR to content distribution on Digital Service Providers (DSPs) and the blockchain, AtEM provides a highly interactive one-stop shop for any serious or aspiring artist.

AtEM stands out from the multitude of emerging Metaverse projects with a clear project direction, an achievable roadmap, and the utilities provided. The AtEM Metaverse is unsurpassed in how it has the potential to transform the performing arts space for the better while liberating the mundane aspects of being an artist in today’s industry. Labels will have a lot of catching up to do once we’re unleashed. (heavy laughter)

The world is about to get better for performing artists. Since AtEM Metaverse is an open virtual space for your community, how can users maximize it and ultimately benefit from it?

The scope of what we plan to implement in the AtEM metaverse under the AtEM coin is huge. We will be one of the few providers in the Metaverse space that gives artists the ability to take control of their art/content in a way that hasn’t been fully exploited. We will have dynamic NFTs linked to many game features. These features aren’t just mini-games and collectibles (of which we’ll have plenty). Aside from being cool digital items, however, they will have an actual use. Perhaps one of the most unique of the many we hope to implement is the booking agency service. Artists have access to a live database of venues in different states that have openings, with contact info/pricing/restrictions/etc. This allows users to bypass the monotony of contacting individual venue owners and promoters to find a show that fits their brand. It also allows venue owners and promoters a buffer for review, as this is usually something only serious performers will use effectively.

The Metaverse platform is a very unique feature. How does it work and how are users rewarded?

We have set up a play-to-earn system for many of the mini-games and activities, as well as content interaction through the AtEM music distribution services. The benefits of a play-to-earn system is that we not only provide value to artists, but also to gamers who want to play games for a living and crypto investors who want to see a great project thrive.

To benefit the most, users are encouraged to participate in all events and promotions that will earn them AtEM Coins, as well as purchase special land NFTs and digital assets for sale. AtEM Metaverse users also have the option to purchase one of the customizable NFTs we are currently developing. The AtEM Metaverse will soon have its own NFT marketplace for customizing NFTs, which will also increase investors’ investments for that particular NFT. Along with the AtEM NFT platform, we bring our own staking platform for both ATEM coins and AtEM NFTs.

Wow! These are huge and exciting plans for the AtEM Metaverse. I know that AtEM places a high value on partnerships and incorporating them into your ecosystem. Can you give us an insight into some of the existing partnerships and new partnerships that are about to emerge?

Without giving too much away, we aim to bring some of the most well-known artists and performers into the Metaverse space using the AtEM pipeline we are developing. From interactions with Hollywood actors, branded games and exclusive content to virtual meet-and-greets with the entertainment industry’s most prolific figures, there will be no shortage of unique experiences at the AtEM Metaverse.

This is literally mind blowing and I’m sure everyone can’t wait to get their hands on the AtEM Metaverse. What other exciting features is the AtEM team developing?

One of the unique aspects of our dynamic NFTs is that the AtEM NFT Marketplace allows you to purchase upgrades for your character that give you access to specific parts and specific activities/roles within the AtEM Metaverse. The fact that you can earn and make profits with your AtEM crypto simply by playing the game and having fun with world famous artists and friends while enjoying the wealth of utility benefits AtEM has to offer will be game changing (pun intended). .

This is such an interesting and innovative project in the Metaverse space. How can everyone become part of ATEM?

The first step to becoming an AtEM Metaverse Citizen (so you can use all the features at launch) is to buy an AtEM Landplot NFT. Holding AtEM Land Plot NFT will back your claim to access to one of the largest artist hubs in the Metaverse space, or any space for that matter. With the care and thought we put into this project, there is definitely something unique and appealing for everyone. Holding and trading AtEM coins would be the second way to get involved in the AtEM metaverse. Our presale is in a few days and it’s a great opportunity to grab some AtEM Coins way ahead of everyone else.

Coin holders and stakers receive special drops and freebies during AMAs, exclusive in-game events and more. We want to make this a special project for all investors, gamers and artists looking to get into crypto and the Metaverse space. And that means we know it’s a big undertaking (since we’re artists ourselves). But with the support of the artist, crypto, and gaming communities, we’re confident we can make The AtEM Metaverse something that will change the entertainment industry forever.

About AtEM

“AtEM” stands for Arts + Entertainment Metaverse. AtEM is the first entertainment services platform in a fully interactive Metaverse-style environment. We’re introducing a whole new way to market the entertainment and NFT industry. The AtEM Metaverse is an open virtual space where users can engage in content production, curation, asset sharing, community building, virtual concerts and gameplay.

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